kitty love

weekend scene

Finally, a Texas-winter kind of weekend: sunny and 60’s.  On the agenda was: working out (ugh-o!), hanging out with the sis and the hubs, running lots of errands, a few movies, a little reading, and some light cleaning…for good measure.  I think my favorite part was sitting outside enjoying delicious soup, the sunshine, and good conversation.  I would not mind repeating that a few more times…

Jan Weekend Scene

weekend scene

The hubs and I took it easy this weekend.  It was the first time we hadn’t had something planned in six weeks — really.  And we finally brought our Manchester Kitty to Houston for the first time.  He was wide-eyed and nervous all day, pacing and trying to hide.  And when he showed his face, he was really interested in just how to get up to our lofted bed.  But he finally figured it out and the little scaredy-cat relaxed a bit.

And then we relaxed too!