Getting Around On Two Wheels


I became a new woman last summer — I learned to drive a motorcycle!  The hubs and I have been a one-car family for four years now, and although we weren’t ready to purchase a second vehicle, we were considering a motorized two-wheel option: mostly, a scooter.  But in order to legally drive one on the streets of Houston, we needed to acquire our motorcycle endorsement.  And really, learning to drive one has been on my life-skills list for a long time.  Rather than just take the test at the DMV, I wanted a class that would give me a little experience.  We signed up with a GREAT organization just north of the city.  And I cannot believe that I went from not being able to sleep the night before because I was so nervous, to confidently riding on two wheels by the end of the second day.

It was a HOT weekend and over half of the class is spent out on the open “range” (a dance-club parking lot!).  But I loved that I was able to think of nothing else except the task at hand.  I had no “to-do” lists, grocery lists, future projects, or life worries running through my head – just slow, look, press, & roll!  It was also quite the bonding exercise for B and I.  It made us think that we might like to take other classes together.  And really, it just secured our confidence that we’re even more prepared for the zombie apocalypse!  (Basically what I’m saying is that Daryl and I are now BFFs.)

Speaking of confidence, I would recommend this class to ALL women.  Ladies, I cannot think of anything more empowering that I’ve done.  So really, for your next corporate retreat/team-building activity, you should suggest taking a motorcycle course!


My dreams of being a BadAss motorcycle babe might be on hold for a while, as I’m not sure my little scooter screams: Watch Out!  But while I dream of owning a Bonneville or fixing up an old Honda, my Stella will have to suffice.  And more than suffice it does!  It’s the best way to get around the city… basically we should have done this a long time ago!  Here we are cruising around town, down one of our favorite streets!

little miss personality

My personality type is one that loves taking personality tests, or anything that will reveal a little insight into how this crazy all comes together.  I have written before about how I can sometimes wear my Myers Briggs type (INTJ) as a badge, and I still do for the most part, but I love being able to add depth (or rather another layer to this stinky onion!) via other tests, etc.

My therapist recently recommended that I take an Enneagram Test.  There are many free ones on the interwebs and just to be certain that my (free) results were accurate — I took 3 different ones!  And lucky me, all 3 were consistent.  Apparently, I am a 1w2 — which means that I am a bossy, cold-hearted perfectionist striving for some greater good in society.  Ok, so maybe that’s not exactly what it said, but I did feel like less of a self-righteous, robot drone knowing that my “wing” was a 2.  So apparently a (1.) is The Reformer; but a (1.) with a wing of (2.) is The Advocate.  (I kind of felt like I was given a super-power when I heard that!)  None of this should have been surprising to me as I clearly have a history of cleaning shop where ever I am employed — i.e., you’re going to get fired if you work with me because I see through your B.S. and I can’t stand it.  I am seriously co-worker poison!  (Just ask the, no-kidding, 5 different people who have been let go mere months after my arrival!  That said, my ability to see through B.S. has been a real gift in finding my own replacement!  Terrible, I know.)

But one of the funniest and most “insightful” charts I’ve seen to date has to be the very-super-scientific Secret Language birthday chart.  The first time I looked up Brad’s birthday and thought it was pretty good.  I always feel like these things are so general that you can make just about anything stick.  But his did seem to be pretty close to the man I married.  Then I looked up my sisters birthday and was thinking that maybe that’s describing her (or maybe she was just born on the wrong day!!).  But then I plugged in my own birthday… and that’s when I knew this was the most accurate description I’ve even been given of myself.  I am: The Artistic Unsolicited Opinion!!!  When those words popped up onto my computer screen I laughed so hard tears came to my eyes and I almost peed a little.  I don’t think anyone could have nailed me better than those three little words!  All other personality tests be gone — We have a winner!



a well-penned (imaginary) toddler

I love the internet for all sorts of reasons.  But last week, I loved it a whole lot more when I saw some quick wit and a sharp tongue being put to good use on Pinterest.  Tiffany Beveridge has created a board called “My Imaginary Well-Dressed Toddler Daughter“.  Her page utilizes the now ubiquitous high-fashion editorials for children as documentation of her fictional toddler daughter, Quinoa.  Hitting on just about every upper-class white person trend, Quinoa is living the high-life.  She is the perfectly curated organic-eating, vinyl-listening, photo-styling, sartorial little girl… with damn funny satire to boot.  Kudos Mrs. Beveridge… kudos, indeed.

Here are a few of my favorites!

Imaginary Toddler

weekend scene


What a weekend!  We spent half of the day on Friday discovering the Museum of Natural Science.  I haven’t been since I was in high school and it was so much fun.  I’m so glad that the hubs and I are compatible museum partners, but we almost ran out of time.  My favorite part was of course all the pretty rocks. I kept saying, “Why didn’t I become a geologist?!”  It’s also a really magical experience to walk through the butterfly wing of the museum. There are hundreds of butterflies floating around in a room with a waterfall that’s kept at 80 degrees with 80 percent humidity every single day.  For those folks that need eternal summer, it’s a good spot to escape to.

The rest of the weekend consisted of an early birthday celebration for the hubs (more to come), a party for a friend who shares B’s birthday, taxes, organizing our file cabinet, ironing a PILE of clean laundry, and watching a cinemax series “Hunted“.  (I thought it was just a notch above *meh* in retrospect.)  It was also amazing weather again, so I put in some serious miles and my body is paying for it today.  I didn’t think I could still be sore from running, but I am!

And now I’m looking forward to the week ahead…

i can’t take my eyes off of you

tv nuns


The hubs and I haven’t had cable for several years now — yep, we’re “one of those” couples.  But believe me, there is plenty of TV-watching still happening in our house.  Between Hulu and Netflix, we’ve always got something to watch.  (FYI — I do not think that Hulu+ offers anything different/better than their regular free streaming videos… AND they still have commercials!)  Well, we are the new demographic of viewers who like to “binge” on our shows — that is — we’ll watch nearly an entire season of episodes during a weekend (or two, or three).  There is a great article in the NYT about this very phenomenon and how Netflix has capitalized on it with their all new original series, House of Cards.  Over three weekends we fit in all 13 “chapters” and well, we’re hooked.  Kudos to Netflix for taking such a risk on a new idea and better yet, for making a quality show to boot.  I hope we can expect more of this in the future, (and it looks like we can.)

weekend scene

Finally, a Texas-winter kind of weekend: sunny and 60’s.  On the agenda was: working out (ugh-o!), hanging out with the sis and the hubs, running lots of errands, a few movies, a little reading, and some light cleaning…for good measure.  I think my favorite part was sitting outside enjoying delicious soup, the sunshine, and good conversation.  I would not mind repeating that a few more times…

Jan Weekend Scene

weekend scene

It felt so good to turn off my phone and computer Thursday morning at 6am and not turn it back on until Sunday afternoon!  We made our now annual trip to West Texas. (2011, 2010)  The sky was big, the air was cold, and the sun was warm.  And it was fantastic to not have any electronics to distract us.  We didn’t stay until the new year, but it was a great way to end the year.

Weekend Scene

1. The 2-year drought has taken its toll on the land and it’s inhabitants.

2. Chores to be done — a little fence mending.

3. An outdoor card game.

4. Fresh apple pie — thanks mom!

5. A dry landscape (and a small doe on the left side of the frame).

poolside periodicals

I love reading magazines.  But my wallet, not so much.  (That is to say, magazine subscriptions are wonderful gifts *hint, hint*!) If I wasn’t on a strict pre-travel budget, I would definitely pick up these five magazines (They aren’t cheap! Hello $11 for that special edition Domino.)  Thankfully, I already have three wonderful subscriptions to keep me company poolside (this one, this one, & this one too).

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5