my new jam

For the last several weeks I have had one app open almost nonstop on my phone and/or computer: Songza!  Goodbye Pandora, I have faithfully listened to you for at least 5 years, but your mixes don’t hold a candle to the concierge service on Songza.  (Oh yeah.. and no ads!)

What I love the most about Songza is that you get to choose music by mood (or genre, or activity, or decade, or record store clerk!).  And with stations with titles like: Lush Electronic Yoga, 3am Airport, Sadcore Hibernation, Ride Around Shining, & High Heel Power Walk how could I not be intrigued.  

Some stations in heavy rotation these days are: Indie Roots Rock, Solo Jazz Guitar, In the Euro Hotel Lounge, Singer-Songwriter Christmas, & Shredding The Slopes (for demo in the studio!).  I have already discovered new music that will become a permanent part of my collection.  Go download it right now!





listening to autumn

Have you downloaded Over the Rhine’s latest (double) album Meet Me At The Edge Of The World yet?  If not, do so immediately.  It is absolutely, perfectly fall.  These two really are the original cool!  With this album I feel like I’ve been let in on something personal and intimate.  Most folks I know (couples or not) have inside jokes and language that characterizes their relationship.  (Anyone who has had to spend time with the hubs an I knows this fact annoyingly well.)  Talking to the WSJ about the album’s title Detweiler says, “‘…when the fog rolls in [at their Ohio pre-civil war home], we used to say we felt like we were living on a farm on the edge of the world.'” And with this latest set of music, I feel like they’ve let us in on a little secret about their home…and ultimately their lives.  (Listen to a little bit and read the full interview here.)


summer music

Part of our little Texas staycation involved hitting up a concert (or two!).  While in Austin we decided to hit up an Avett Brother’s concert.  Also performing were Dawes and Grace Potter and The Nocturnals.  I wasn’t completely impressed with the performance of the headliner only because of the venue.  (I think I would prefer to see them here.)  But the two openers did not disappoint one bit.  In fact, two days later we caught Dawes at Cactus Music in Houston.  And I’ve been listening to their latest album ever since.

Summer Music

weekend scene

From city lights to country nights — the theme of our weekend.  As mentioned earlier, the Pink concert was amazing — from the opening BANG until the final curtain — that woman is an entertainer!  We then switched gears and packed our bags for a retreat outside the city.  We were certainly out of our comfort zone as we were with a group of new-to-us people, but this introvert survived the 36 hours of attendance (and participation).  It proved to be a thought-provoking time together and I’ll continue to reflect on the things that were discussed.  My run on Saturday morning was really chilly at only 45 degrees, but the rest of the day turned out beautifully.  And then we were gifted a spectacular sunset that we would have certainly missed inside the city limits.  And now I can’t believe we’ll say good-bye to February this week!

City Lights Country Nights

rock on

I’m so excited that tonight the hubs and I are going to don our most rockstar-chic outfits, and party with PINK!  Ok, maybe “with” is a stretch, but from our corporate box office suite, we’ll marvel at her madness.  Her tour will no doubt amaze and entertain.  Maybe this calls for a little crazy make-up: hot pink lips or yellow eyeshadow… or something, right!?


She looks amazing, no?! | Image