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this is my crazy

Have I ever mentioned that I’m a crazy person?  It’s obvious to some (ok, most) but it is acutely evidenced when I decide to do things like completely rearrange my house two days before I leave for a 10-day vacation.  And when I say completely rearrange, I mean, it looks like we just moved in but forgot to pack our stuff in boxes.  Our shit is everywhere!

I’m slowly trying to make sense of it all, but we are both in a purging mood.  This time it also includes furniture.  I think we are going to finally go down to one couch.  I mean, who really needs to two couches in a 660 sq ft apartment?!  (Well, it’s not out the door yet!) But we are also purging clothes, our personal archives, and tons of office and craft architecture school stuff.  What really needs to be on the chopping block though is our 4+  rubbermaids of camping/backpacking/climbing gear.  We haven’t been camping (sans RV) in nearly 4 years now!  (This should be rectified as soon as possible indeed!)

But part of our commitment to “be here now” and to stop living like we’re always in transition is to well… be here now.  And while we’re in Texas, I guess I don’t need to own THREE down coats.  *insert forehead slap*  Yes, three.  We also don’t want to change out our old “stuff” for just new(er) stuff.  So, we’re trying to make what we have work, but also shed a few things that are weighing us down.  Especially since this new living arrangement is pretty indefinite (for the first time ever!)

So, as we try to rebuild Rome around here, I’m having to constantly remind myself (again) that it is never built in a day… and stuff is just stuff.


(This is just 4 of about 400 different layouts we tried on paper.  And how it’s all currently settled… didn’t even make it onto a single one of our paper house dolls!)

weekend scene

We indulged on our last weekend before Lent.  (That might be an understatement.)   We started the weekend extravaganza at one of our favorite food trucks — Rice Box, ahhh, comforting American-style Chinese fare.  I then spent Friday with my Aunt north of the city.  She took me to one of her favorite fancy grocery stores for perusing and afternoon coffee-ing.  (It reminded me lots of a favorite Chicago shop.)  Saturday was spent cleaning, organizing, and painting again.  I have really enjoyed my efforts at painting — only abstract art mind you.  I’m terrible… but I’m learning.  I enjoy seeing how the colors mix and how different brushes (and other tools) make unique shapes.  I’m determined to get better.  If I was smart I’d sign up for a class somewhere, but alas, the internet is my only teacher right now.  I also started a new book totally expecting to not really get into it… well, too bad work is getting in the way because I’m a third of the way into it and I want to finish it by next Sunday.

I am so grateful for my free time — to spend how I like.  It is a luxury I hope to never take for granted.


weekend scene

I took and unexpected hiatus around here and my contemplative mood continued throughout most of the weekend.  The sunny and insanely pleasant weather would usually make me giddy, but instead I felt like quietly turning my face to the sun.  Quietly and thoughtfully I enjoyed a meeting with my priest, a lunch date with the hubs — picking him up at his office?– and returning home to clean my house like a crazy lazy.  I turned on some tunes, turned off my phone and scrubbed my house!  My ruminative insides made my hands start rearranging things (again).  I always feel like our home is so “junky” and cluttered (and mind you, we have very few sit-arounds), but still, less really is more.  Once I make a few more changes I’ll have to update our space with actual photos.

Cleaning and rearranging lead into a sewing project for the sis.  I was reminded again of why I don’t really sew any more!  Later in the weekend we enjoyed a few good runs, brunch with friends, and a final Homeland marathon (season 1).  Good grief that show is good!  I’m about to take on a few more books and renewed running power, so I’m not sure about my presence in this space.  As always, we’ll see how it goes…

Feb Weekend

weekend scene

It was a pretty uneventful weekend around these parts as it was cold and rainy for most of the weekend.  It may as well have been the northwest.  But it afforded us the opportunity to do some serious sleeping-in and lounging in our “cookie-pants”.  But never-the-less, I did fit in some cleaning and beginning-of-the-year organizing…as well as a few movies, and a few new year’s resolutions goals.  We are enjoying one more week of the hubs’ freedom as school doesn’t resume until next Monday! (Lucky me, we’ll be together all week!)



weekend scene

What a productive weekend!  It started off with a bang on Thursday evening and didn’t stop until last night.  But I really don’t have many photos to show for it.  I spend the first part of the weekend cutting out our Christmas cards — I’m pretty pumped about this year’s design, as the hubs and I truly collaborated and both used our creative skills to make this one a fun one.  (Granted, we keep saying that most folks are just going to look at it, smirk and say, “they’re so weird.”  But it’s true; we are!)  I then spent a good portion of the weekend locked down on the couch, laptop at hand, working on another poster/flyer/graphic design thing-y for our church.  It has been so wonderful to learn a new program (the hubs might disagree!)  Instead of doing everything (and I mean everything) in Photoshop; I’ve now done two projects in Illustrator.  And as much as it pains me so say it, I really like it.  (But it is still frustrating that there aren’t even MORE similarities between the two programs.)  I even dipped my toes into InDesign; yikes!  I also needed to create our return address labels and a photo-esque gift for a young couple who was recently married.  Then on Saturday my sis asked me to create her some labels for her Christmas gifts this year!  I’m honored she would think my design skills are worthy as her gift baskets always give Martha Stewart a run for her money.  Hopefully I’ll pin-up a few of these recent design items in this space — if I can get over the vulnerability of it all…

December Working Weekend

weekend scene

Our first weekend in December brought record highs (82 yesterday!)  But we also saw the first Sunday in Advent, which was fantastic for many reasons.  And I finally completed my “decorating.”  I still have mixed emotions about it, but this year I changed up a few things around the house and added my Grandmother’s silver angels.  I think they are very nicely designed and of course have sentimental value.  I’m surprised that I almost passed on taking them.

I’m also glad that it’s citrus season.  I could eat my weight in cuties.  And our landlord brought us some fresh tangerines from their tree.  So good and juicy you have to eat them over the sink!

I hope to be fully present to the next few weeks as we navigate another round of finals, holiday consumerism, and year-end work stuff.

These are a few iphone snaps of the holiday happenings in our home…



I finally got around to making a batch of creme brulee, and oh my!  I had almost forgotten just how much I LOVE this stuff.  My sis gave the hubs a really nice starter set a few years ago.  It included 4 ramekins, torch, fuel, and recipe book.  Although the book includes tons of alternate flavors and culinary additions, I still like the good old plain burnt creme.  But I did see one made with Eggnog… that I might have to try.

Creme Brulee