Paper Crafts

a new mini book

so i’ve been working on a new mini.  I have a hard time starting something in the middle of the month, day, etc., but I thought, if I don’t do it now, it won’t get done.  And who cares if I didn’t start it on Jan 1 or monday morning.  We’ll see where this little project takes me.  I’m trying to not put pressure on myself.  If I make a page a day, great; if not, that’s ok too.

cover 2009 mini

page 2

page 3 & 4

page 5

page 6

pages 7 & 8

wall art

I finally hung a picture on an actual wall in my house.  Ever since we’ve moved in I’ve had this aversion to putting anything on the actual dry-walled walls.  We clearly have a ton of exposed brick and because of that I’m always conscious of things looking too cluttered, thus nothing on our beautiful walls.  But there is a space, that I use every day, that I thought I could add just a little something to that nook.  The photo box is now hanging in my vanity space in the bathroom.

B & C art

Sights of the Season

What a week.  We pulled off a successful surprise by flying in to see my family undetected.  There was a substantial amount of fibbing going on for the last two weeks and it was all worth it.  It was so wonderful to see my family, but it was not wonderful to be in 78 degrees with 91% humidity!  Yuck.

There are lots of changes around here.  I now have a lot more time on my hands and a to-do list that’s growing.

dsc_00101 c-mas-ornament

csc_0019 christys-tree

a slow start

It’s always hard for me to get back into work mode after I’ve had a few days off. I realize how much I enjoy not working! We had dinner at a friends last night and were home by 10. I was in bed with my book by 10:15. I’m loving all these books about Afghanistan and the like. I’ve still yet to read the Kite Runner, but it’s finally next on my list.

Over the weekend though I did work on my mini a bit more too. I’m finding it difficult though to make time to sit down and work on it because I have to keep all my crafty stuff in storage bins in closets and cupboards and I don’t like leaving it out. Ahh, excuses.

time well spent

I spent some creative energy on making a page today that will help remind me that there are bigger problems in the world than my own. I have enjoyed my time with Women for Women International. It is an organization that empowers women to become their own advocate through vocational & life skills training. My first sister was from Kosovo and she was my age. She graduated from the program in March & now I have a new sister, Gjzide. I love the idea that somehow I might actually be making a real difference in the life of another woman who desperately needs it. I can’t wait to exchange letters with this woman, my sister.