Celebrating 10 Years Together

We kept tradition alive and did our annual anniversary photo-shoot yesterday on the actual day of our anniversary.  And tonight we’ll celebrate with a proper dinner date!  I think we should celebrate all weekend…

10th Anniversary

10th Anniversary

This year’s location was an easy choice; it’s our favorite Thursday date-night location.

And you can see a few outtakes after the jump…


Documenting My Travels

Despite my wishy-washy feelings about blogging, there is a part of me that is glad that I have this particular form of documentation of the last 5+ years of my life.  I’ve tried to maintain a balanced approach to my on-line presence.  I don’t really do social media (my 10 instagram followers don’t count!) And really, I only post part of what’s going on in my life at any given time.   As I’ve said before, this is just some sort of a creative outlet and thus a record of how I have stretched my “digital art” skills.  Some of the early stuff I really want to take down in shame but I leave it all there as a reminder of how I’ve changed and to hear my voice throughout the process.

Despite my journeying from a DIY-holly-hobbie-crafter to a wanna-be-design-snob, one consistency is prevalent throughout: adventures — great and small.  And I figured it was time I dusted off the archives of this digital time capsule and actually organize my travel photos.  What I found to be most interesting of all is two-fold really: 1.) In my earlier travels I didn’t post a lot of photos after the trip — despite having snapped literally hundreds.  And 2.) I don’t always document trips with photos.  I can think of at least 2 major cross-country roadtrips that didn’t even end up archived here in any way.  My sister even commented whilst in Spain that I didn’t take very many photos even though I lugged my DSLR with me all around the country.  It’s weird — I know.  But I want to have pure motivation while snapping… and thinking about what would be good on the blog before I snap always makes me uncomfortable.  I don’t want to capture something just to put it here — I want to capture it because I want to remember something authentic.

So… all of that qualifier to say that 1.) I’m glad I finally organized my adventures and 2.) they are what they are.  Sometimes I post about the details, sometimes it’s just been the mood.  I would love nothing more than to be a travel writer: documenting customer service, secret back-alley shops, and the best local food.  But… I’m not.  I often like to pretend that I don’t actually have an audience in this space.  (This is all just for me, right?!)  So, I’ve captured what I’ve captured and it means something to me.  But if someone else connected with it visually or verbally, then that’s just the cherry on top.  But, I must admit that it’s been pretty fun to share details of my adventures and the more I share, the more it motivates me to do it again.

If you click on the little tab up there that says Adventures, you’ll see all the places I’ve been (since 2008)…that I’ve actually posted about.

Travel Tags

weekend scene

The beach is a good idea anytime in my book.  Even when it’s sweater weather, the feel of the salt air on my skin is refreshing. My parents rented another cabin to celebrate my mom’s 60th birthday.  Although it wasn’t as rowdy as my Dad’s 60th, it was still a great time…with all the fixin’s!  It was the perfect way to say hello to the month of March!

Beach Weekend

Here we are at the same beach here, here, & here too!

life lately

When friends are in town it makes me see my city with fresh eyes.  And Houston has been quite hospitable… especially to two New Englanders!  We had a wonderful week of eating way too much, seeing the sights, and catching up on some much-needed face to face time.  And now here we are on the steps of the last week in February.  Twenty Fourteen — you sure are interesting so far!

Life Lately in February

picture perfect

A few weekends ago I had the privilege of shooting some family friends for their daughter’s annual birthday documentation and upcoming holiday card.  They make it too easy!  Seriously — of my first 10 frames I think 8 of them were ready to be hung on the wall.  They give a whole new meaning to the phrase “point & shoot.”

Loupe Family 2013

LOUPE FAMILY New House 2013

LL #4

And I can’t believe that little nugget is 4!  See last year’s right here.

weekend scene

This wasn’t my weekend scene, but the Hubs’ from a Paris cafe, circa 2012.  I was just wishing that this is what I did over the weekend.  An accurate photo would have been a one of blankets, one and a half empty boxes of tissues, and a bottle of Nyquil.  I laid on the couch all weekend with what started as an allergy attack and has manifested into a sinus infection (or so says the doctor in my head).  And it was a one-two punch with some severe PMS just for good measure.  But I caught up on old movies, slept — a lot, and watched an America’s Test Kitchen marathon.  Yum.  Here’s hoping I perk up soon.

Cafe in Paris