The Dominican Republic

Summer Sabbatical

I thought I would pop into this space to say life has happened and gotten in the way of my little electronic creative outlet (i.e. my blog).  I’m trying to strike a balance and want to make sure I’m not ever posting anything because I feel compelled rather than because I want to.  (I don’t know why I feel that pressure…it’s not like I make money doing this…)  Anyway… I may not be in this space right now, but you can find me on Instagram.  Happy Summer… I’ll be back soon!

Summer Sabbatical

The hubs snapped this last summer when we were in The DR.  I want to go back!

a sublime escape: the dominican republic (part 3)

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Secretly slipped away among the swaying palms on the beach is the simply sublime Samana spa.  It’s not near the beach, it’s on the beach.  And a couples massage was the perfect way to relax after a hard day of snorkeling and lounging under a cabana.

Sublime Samana Spa 3

Sublime Samana Spa | The Dominican Republic

Samana Samana Spa | The Dominican Republic

As if that wasn’t enough pampering, we enjoyed a “romantic dinner for two” on the beach.  I was so surprised that it didn’t feel cheesy, but indeed romantic.  When Brad talks about that night, he often recounts how perfectly satisfied all five senses were.  The weather was perfect: warm with a slight breeze; everything smelled delicious, but not overpowering; clearly our eyes were treated to twinkle lights, moonlight shadows, and a feast for a king; our taste-buds enjoyed the most delicious and fresh four-course meal; and our soundtrack the lulling ocean waves.  It really was quite unbelievable.

Our private champagne-clad cabana felt genuine and special and I had to let my cynical self go and enjoy every minute of it…which didn’t take long.  After sitting and sipping our champagne, we started with oysters and then onto beef carpaccio.  We each chose fish for our main course and a locally caught selection cooked up nicely.  And for dessert we had fresh fruit with the best Dominican chocolate fondue.  I thought we would have to roll our way back into our room.

Samana Beach Dinner | The Dominican Republic

Samana Beach Dinner | The Dominican Republic

Samana Beach Dinner  | The Dominican Republic

a sublime escape: the dominican republic (part 2)

(See Part 1 here.)

Our room was perfect.  Not only was it bigger than our current home, but having a fully furnished kitchen was such a huge convenience.  On our third day we made the 9km trip into town (via taxi) and stocked up at the supermercado for snacks and lunch supplies.  It was a great option instead of having to eat all 3 meals at the restaurant; even though I must say, the food was fantastic.  Everything was so fresh and carefully curated.  And don’t get me started on the service.  The staff was perfection…never hovering but always at the ready.  And so kind!

It was also quite the treat to have a jacuzzi on the terrace… well, treat for the hubs as he had a soak nearly every day (if not twice a day).  It was too warm for my liking, but still, it was romantic.  I don’t remember if I mentioned that we were only 1 of 4 parties staying in the entire place.  A few Europeans showed up for the weekend, but other than that, it was a virtual ghost town…which we loved.

Sublime Samana Apartment | The Dominican Republic

 Sublime Apartment 3

Sublime Apartment 4

Sublime Apartment 2

  Sublime Apartment 5

Sublime Apartment 6

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a sublime escape: the dominican republic

Finally… pictures of our escape to one of the best kept secrets in the Caribbean.  To celebrate the hub’s graduation and 3 years of insanely hard work, we indulged in a place that is truly sublime.  We stayed in the Dominican Republic’s Sublime Samana.

Very rarely do we ever consider returning to the same destination (too many other places on our life list to visit), but this one is the exception.   Our flight was super easy from our Gulf Coast origin, and the nearly 2hr transfer to our hotel didn’t feel near as long.  If you are lucky enough to be close to JFK airport in New York, then you can fly JetBlue directly into the newly opened Samana airport and you’re just 20 minutes away from the hotel.

It had been 9 years since we had a holiday with just the two of us, so we felt it was time.

The Dominican Republic Samana Beach

The Dominican Republic Hammock

The Dominican Republic Samana Beach

I found this amazing spot via Mr. & Mrs. Smith, however when I tried to book it, they did not have any rooms available at the advertised discount, so I ended up booking via the hotels website directly and it was just as cheap.  Sublime Samana is also part of Small Luxury Hotels of the World and it very much lived up to its reviews.  It is incredibly chic and relaxing.  The rooms were fantastic, the location could NOT be beat, the food was beyond delicious, and even the music was cool (playing the most recent Daft Punk album!)

Sublime Samana Hotel Review

Sublime Samana Casitas

Sublime Samana at night

We are still ooohh-ing and awwwwe-ing every time we think of what an escape it was.  This is just part one, more photos to follow this week!

i’m back!

The Dominican Republic Vacation

I can’t believe that today is the first day of the “real world.”  It has been quite an exciting four+ weeks and I’m bursting with creative energy and a desire for routine again.  (Granted my routine of wake up, eat, lay on the beach, nap, eat, lay on the beach, eat, sleep, repeat…. was a pretty good routine!)  I’m sure I’ll still be processing it all for while, but I cannot explain how wonderful it has been to have a bit of a sabbatical.  I feel refreshed and energized to tackle what’s coming next.  And I have some exciting things on the horizon — personally and vocationally.  I’m full of fear and anticipation as we settle into our *somewhat* new life together.

One of the biggest highlights of our time off was that we celebrated our 9-year anniversary.  Gosh, that makes me feel so old.  But I also realize that I was just a baby when we got married (26!).  As is tradition around here, we did another photo-shoot.  This one just so happened to be in The Dominican Republic where we were having a good rest.  In years past we’ve taken lots of photos and made a bit of a montage, but this year, a single photo summed it up.  Sitting under that cabana for 9 days… reading, drawing, painting, thinking, staring at the ocean…. was beyond perfect.  And it feels like it’s just where were are in our relationship too: deep, deep peace.  We know we are at the right place a the right time.

So in the next few weeks, I hope to return to a regular blogging schedule again as this platforms provides some sort of outlet that I still (after 5 years) can’t quite put my finger on.  I hope to share more about the places we’ve visited (including The D.R.), books I’ve read, our updated and newly re-arranged apartment, and new business ventures.  Although B mentioned that he felt like it was the middle or end of summer already since we were just on vacation, I actually feel like we are just starting summer… and the rest of our lives.

It’s good to be back.