the perfect party appetizer

These are my favorite appetizers for two reasons — they taste delicious and the presentation factor.  I haven’t taken these to a party yet where someone did literally say “Wow” and inevitably someone wants the recipe.  I would say they are the easiest to make since there is absolutely no cooking involved, but that’s not necessarily true.  It’s only if you have a second pair of hands to hold “the package” while tying them together that this rings true.  Doing them by yourself can prove to be a bit challenging if your chives are short and/or stiff.  After making these little guys for 10 years now, I have found that the key to success here is a long, flexible chive.  We were fortunate enough this last time to use some straight from our landlord’s garden (soft, strong, and flexible indeed).

Ingredients: The largest salami you can have sliced, Boursin Cheese (yum!), cherry tomatoes, & some sort of a chive/flexible green onion-esque thing-y.

Direction: Layer first three items then pick up sides and tie with a chive.  Simple as that.

And a note — I always tell our fellow party-goers that you eat it like sushi; that is, you pop the whole thing in your mouth at one time!

Boursin Poppers Ingredients

Boursin Poppers Ingredients

the secret to fresh cilantro

Even though the calendar pages have changed and we’ve entered a new season, my (near) daily guacamole habit has not waned (nor will it any time soon).  I think the key to good guacamole is fresh cilantro, but just how in the world are you supposed to keep it fresh longer than 48 hours?

Well a few weeks ago, the darling Fauxmartha put up a Friday Tip that has changed my fresh-herb killing life.  The secret to keeping all herbs to last — treating them like flowers.  When you get them home cut the ends and put in a vessel with a bit of water.  And here’s the big secret — keep a plastic sack over the entire vase while in the fridge.  Every few days change the water and trim the bottom and prune the “bouquet.”  It’s so simple!  I have just been using the little flimsy plastic bag that I put the cilantro in at the store.  What a difference!

As you can see in the photo below, my cilantro is beyond thriving after a week (I actually think that first photo is more like a week and a half). And then in the second photo, well, it’s for sure older than 2 weeks.  And although it’s not near as fresh and looking a little sad because maybe I didn’t change the water and prune like a should… there is still a lot of really fresh, usable cilantro to choose from.

You’re welcome.  Now go make some guacamole!


to whom do i gripe about this?

Is this a segment of SNL’s “Really” routine…  Because, Really?!

I’m sorry, wait, actually I’m not.

In what world is it remotely acceptable to place a child with an adult in an overtly sexual photo shoot (or any similar scenario really)?

I’m not sure if I’m mad because at its root it’s child exploitation or because it’s a horrible double standard.  This would NEVER happen with a 16 year old female pop star and older man.  (Well it probably has happened and since I don’t religiously read particularly pop-crazed magazines, I’m sure I missed it.)  What’s worse is when People promotes Kim Kardashian’s questionable shoot as  “Channel[ing] her inner cougar with Justin Bieber”.   Would we ever read the headlines “29 year old man gets his flirt on with 16 year old girl while in his underwear” and all be ok with that?  I think not.

I understand the artistic direction was influenced by The Graduate, but at least Ben Braddock was of legal age.

Maybe my outrage is because K.K. is just so va-va-voom (and having your ta-tas tantalize a 16 year old boy is beyond inappropriate.)  Maybe it’s because I feel like Justin Bieber needs an advocate — because he is still a child! Either way, I just can’t believe that this is not only culturally  accepted, but also encouraged and thought of as “cute” and “whats the harm” and “he’s so lucky” as well as what I’m assuming will be considered good press for each star involved.

If someone thinks I’ve misinterpreted the intentions of said shoot, maybe this video will clear things up.

***********Post Script*********

I wonder if others don’t feel as strongly as I do because it doesn’t “feel like” they’re doing anything wrong.  If this was a closed door shoot, shady and suspicious, that would imply that there is something to hide.  But as it stands, it’s out in the open.  Literally.  But somehow I think everyone involved has been duped by good lighting and a sweet smile.  Just because it looks like fun, it started as a joke, or there were no bad intentions doesn’t make it ok or appropriate.

sleep walking

Well we made it back!  What an amazing trip.  I’m still trying to remember it all, read the chicken scratch I wrote in my journal, and begin to sort through the million pictures I took.  We were quite fortunate with our flight time because we were actually allowed to leave.  But during the flight we were rerouted because of the volcano.  Flights later the same afternoon were canceled!  But because we were rerouted we were delayed and therefore missed our connection in Atlanta.  Delta had already taken the initiative to re-book us so as soon as we got through customs they printed our new boarding passes.  The only problem was that our next flight didn’t leave for 6 hours!  (And did I mention that we missed our original connection by literally 5 minutes?!)

You would think that the Atlanta airport being the biggest (or is it busiest) airport in the world would have a better set up for so many passer-throughs.  (The Detroit & Twin Cities airports are far superior; go figure.)  I would have given anything to have a Sleep Box.  Instead we had to settle for vinyl chairs without armrests, my eye mask, & earplugs.  Not quite the same.

people are crazy…

…and I mean crazy!  Seriously.

I just about fell out of my chair laughing.  I completely embarrassed myself at work trying to stifle a gut-busting laugh.  Click on this story.  The first one is lame.  But by the time I read human-cat I was hooked.  (These just can’t be real.  People can’t be this way.  Really)


LOST in pop culture

In light of the show that drives me crazy in so many ways, here are a few things for us nuts-o LOSTies.

See the rest of the photo shoot here.  Both of these people are ridiculously attractive and it makes me wish they were together in real life… because I’m apparently crazy.  Seriously though, looks like they are having way too much fun.  {Originally spied here.}

This has got to be the coolest LOST paraphernalia yet.  I would totally consider having an actual t.v. poster in my home if it was this cool.

For the really nutty, you can wear your LOST fanaticism for all to see (or make your baby wear it).

for the shutterbug

There is a call for submissions over at GOOD.  They are looking for The Neighborhood Gem.  If you have a favorite neighborhood spot, snap it and send it in!  (Amy I’m thinking of you!)

{My favorite neighborhood spot has to be the front stoop of the local candy store because it is there that I will inevitably break into my stash of recently purchased goods!  I can very rarely wait the 30 steps it takes to get to my door!}


If you head on over to the awesome Creature Comforts Blog you can enter for a chance to win the amazing Fuji Instax Mini Instant Camera!