Apartment Living

Summer 2016

So we used to live in an a really small apartment.  We upgraded 90 square feet and bought a 1932 bungalow.  We’re always in the midst of remodeling.  I might talk about our new space if I can in fact manage to get it picked up and ready for a photo!  But folks liked our old apartment, so I’ve left the posts below….


I thought there should be a space just for our ever-evolving little apartment.  So this is it.

Update (Finally!)

(April 16, 2014) So here are the latest shots of our space.  I can’t believe the last update was 2 years ago this month!  We’ve rearranged like 9,000 times since then.  And I regularly question my sanity about why I even post pictures of my home on the internet for God and Holly Hunter to see, but people seem genuinely curious when I tell them our apartment is only 660 sq ft.  And there is usually more marveling when they see it in person — not because it’s something out of Elle Decor, but rather because I’ve revealed a little bit of my crazy (think color-coding everything).  So fellow internet-ers — enjoy this latest iteration.  I’ll try to wrangle the hubs into creating a new floor-plan for the archives here. Until then, the pictures will have to suffice.

I’ve not updated any “kitchen” or “bedroom” photos as they haven’t changed once!

Apartment Living 1

Apartment Living 2

Apartment Living 3

Apartment Living 4

Apartment Living 5

 You will see that we moved our closet from the corner to under the lofted bed and it made a huge difference of feeling open and airy.  A big purchase was a dutch antique Armoire to replace the bakers rack.  (Smartest thing I’ve ever done!) That piece and the second couch went over into my studio.  You will also see a new ikea hack and the original we did here.  Here’s a close up of the beautiful coffee table the hubs made (welded frame and all).  And I haven’t even taken pictures (well, descriptive ones) of the new bookshelf and gorgeous hair-pin-leg end table he made me too.  (I’m a terrible person, I know.)  I absolutely hate my yellow chairs — wait that’s not true — I hate the fabric on the seat and I hate even more that I’m so lazy I’ve lived with fabric that I hate for 7 years!!  But whatevs.  I’ll survive.  My ideal chair would be these beauties! You can also see the DIY light fixture in our closet here.  And if you wanted to scroll through anything I’ve label “My Home”… just click here.  But trust me, it’s a rabbit hole!

I also decided to leave the original stuff down below…. feel free to peruse!

A Little History

Our little 660 sq. ft loft was designed by a prominent Houston architect for his sons who were also in architecture school to use for their studio space.  Once they moved on, they thought it would be just right for another architecture student — if only there was space for a bed.  Thus, the idea for the elevated bed was born– and they’ve been renting to students ever since.  We are the first married couple they’ve had living in the space and they weren’t quite sure how we would both manage.  But I was up for the challenge.  We love all the natural light and ability to think creatively about the best use of space.  I was super worried about not having a full kitchen seeing as how our previous kitchen was huge (in comparison), but downsizing has been easier than I thought.  And we love the evolution of making the space ours.

(Written: April 7, 2011)

Floor Plan

So Far

Update: 08 April 2012

Bookshelf Love

The hubs created this idea of suspended shelves.  (The same gauge wire we used for the dressing room too.) I like the simple look and clean feel.  But because it was so light (looking), we decided to keep the vast majority of our books on the floor bench new bookshelf.  Not sure how long we’ll keep it that way, but for now I kinda like it.

Update: 27 August


The Kitchen(ette)

The Bed

No, we cannot fall off the bed onto the floor.  There is just enough space around the edge of the bed to #1 act as a barrier and #2 justify making the bed.  Boo!  Although it may not look like it in the photo because of the down comforter under the bedspread, the railing is taller than the mattress.  So we would have to roll over the gap and up and over the railing to be in any real trouble.  The biggest issue I have is getting up in the middle of the night to answer the call of nature.  Clumsy + Sleepy + Ladder do not mix well!  But so far so good.

Update: 27 August

We added these little “half” curtains to help block the light from our lovely windows!


  1. This is really REALLY cool. I’m in a one bedroom that is probably twice the size of this, but I’m struggling to fill up the space. You, on the other hand, have done a nice job creating space in a small area. There are so many great little touches and funky accents. And sleeping lofts are FUN!

    1. Ahh… too kind! Thank you. Everything has been acquired over time. The hardest thing for me to remember is that “Rome was not built in a day.” Good luck with the move!

  2. Nice place you have there! I liked the now defunct Cottage Living magazine for their small but practical housing that simply fit our property’s size. And cottage livign was a lifestyle in itself.

  3. Everything looks so fresh! I want my house to have the same feel when I’m older/get to move out of my parent’s place. Ps. I have the same blanket! But it’s green. I just don’t use it much cause it’s not really that comfortable. Very pretty though!

  4. Why don’t my bookstacks look like that?
    as for the kitchen, I cannot imagine a more perfect one – seriously. Yeah, I like to cook and I really like to eat but I don’t like lots of dallying in doing so. Put a nice bottle of wine and a board game on the table and cluster some great conversationalists there and that’s another story!

    Anyway, this is a WONDERFUL tour. I have always loved small spaces and lofts. I am lost in these suburban structures with rooms that have rooms!

    rock on. and keep sharing your design ideas – refreshing.
    I’ll just keep saying it : you have a design book in you, together!

  5. It’s been way too long since I’ve visited you and I’m just now seeing your loft! I LOVE it! Makes me long for loft living. Once I do I house tour of my place, you’ll see why. Such tiny rooms. Thanks for sharing these photos – you guys are awesome designers! xo

  6. This is so cool! And the story behind it is so as well!

    However…….. I would be TERRIFIED to fall out of the bed (having fallen out of mine -_-)

    1. Oh No! I can’t believe you actually fell out of a bed! Seriously, the only thing I worry about falling off of, is the ladder when I’m not quite awake and nature calls in the middle of the night…

      1. Haha, that would also scare me… I’m hoping it’s only and fear, and not really a reality for you… 🙂

  7. This loft is so lovely. This is Kate from Sweet Ridge Sisters. I lived in a one room cabin with sleeping loft in the mountains of NC for a year and loved the simplicity of it. If it had offered plumbing, it would have been perfect. Anyway thank you for sharing the beauty of your space and your design ideas. It is always good to remember that homes evolve and grow. Oh- and I did fall off the ladder in the middle of the night, once. It was not fun, but worked out all right.

  8. I stumbled upon your site when trying out your page theme…I love the photos of your loft and apartment house. Very creative and fresh looking!

  9. Will do….I have an artistic side (fine art, mixed media, scrap-booking, sculpting) and a writing side. My downfall is….you guessed it…time pressure. Too many ideas, not enough time! My blog on here is about spiritual topics of the Christian vein and I plan on featuring individual stories based on a combination of real life people so as not to single any one person out.

  10. I just stumbled across your site as WordPress told me we share a theme and you have such a beautiful site here I compelled to leave a message! I’ve never been particularly eager to buy a place of my own but reading your blog has left me itching for a flat to personalise!

    1. Wow — Thank you. As for now we rent. We did own a home for five years and after all this economic craziness, we are not eager to relive that experience. We are VERY happy with our current situation. So glad you found me and I look forward to your posts as well!

    1. Thank You!!! I’m so fickle…most days I love it, then I start feeling like it’s total crap and I’m an idiot for thinking it was great. All in a day’s work though, I suppose!

  11. yo carrie its may. i really like your apt. My favorite part is how you put the before picture inside the after picture. you may have to teach me that ehh? =) super cute!

  12. I came across your blog when selecting WordPress themes. You’ve done a very nice job with the paper punch theme. I decided to go with another one but wanted you to know how much I liked your blog. So much so I signed up to receive your posts. I’m a fellow Houstonian so I was pleased to find someone from here. Love what you’ve down with the apartment!

  13. Carrie – It’s agujasblog.com. It’s mostly about knitting, knit design, things handmade, plus a little travel thrown in. Hope you like it! –Verónica

  14. I went to school for interior design, and please let me tell you that I love your place! Seriously. Tiny spaces are so hard to work with, and it all looks so open and cozy at the same time. Okay, your blog is amazing. I’m so glad I found you.

    1. Oh my!! Danie you are too kind! You know, 90% of the time I really love our space, but I definitely have those moments when I think to myself, “This is so dumb! Why did I do any of this?!” I just try to keep most of those thoughts at bay! It really does mean so much, coming from a professional and all! And you too have such a lovely blog. I look forward to exploring it further! 🙂

  15. I love love love these pictures of your adorable abode. You are giving me lots of ideas. I have a larger home than you have, but not a lot of storage. Thanks for posting!

  16. What a lovely home you have – thanks for sharing it. I’m totally enamored with Tiny Houses and the Tiny House Blog. My husband and I are downsizing with every move so we can build our own little abode soon. It’s so freeing to live simply. Looking forward to reading more of your posts 🙂

    1. Thank you! We’ve really enjoyed making the space ours. And I read once that “editing” [our stuff] is the must-know skill of the decade. It feels good to have less.

  17. Fantastic! From the choice of magazines in your library (yes, I love Dwell) to a good eye for combining modern with retro, I always find that as a tricky part when it comes to furnishing, but you managed to do so in a very very nice, fresh way.

  18. I absolutely adore your living space. Natural light, personal touches, elements of the modern and the retro. The little towers of colour-arranged books by the dining table are such a wonderful touch. A beautiful apartment – would love to find a gem like this in London.

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