Staycation — Zoo Date

First of all let me preface this by saying it had been over 15 years since I had been to the Houston Zoo.  I wasn’t quite sure what my expectations should be.  Secondly, I have really mixed emotions about zoos.  The animals always seem so depressed… but that could also be because I tend to anthropomorphize everything.  I know that a lot of conservation, preservation and care goes into the animals welfare, but it still tugs at my heart strings.

Shoving all that emotion into a deep pocket — it was so fun!  It helped that we visited on the most amazing weather day ever (76 & sunny) and we went on a Tuesday prior to school being let out.  We felt like we practically had the place to ourselves.  It was so lovely strolling hand-in-hand, cool breeze in our hair, comforted by the familiarity of being married to someone for nearly 10 years — commence vomiting now! 🙂  We did get pretty googly-eyed when we saw any two animals carrying on with the natural order of things by grooming one another snuggling.

Of course, to no one’s surprise, our favorites were the big cats.  We were quite fortunate to hear the very vocal Jonathan.  Did you know that a lion’s roar can be heard up to 5 miles away?!  See the zoo is great if anything to help with fun facts that can be used at awkward dinner parties!

Clearly, I highly recommend giving the Houston Zoo a visit — but only on a non-crowded, spring day!

Zoo Date

cooped up

The sis wants chickens.  I want fresh eggs.  I think a lovely relationship can be cultivated.  We just need to figure out a home for her hens.  Here’s a little round-up of the modern-day chicken coop. (Who knew there were so many — we must be on to something here!)

I like this very simple, shed-like coop.  See this photo and more at the blog of Debra Prinzing

This one might be a little much — however, I love it that thefancyfarmgirl decided to go big or go home.  See lots of lost of pics over at her blog.

This one is so pretty and perfectly preppy.  See more photos here.  And check out her flea market finds and perfectly styled goodness on her blog.

For the single bird and smaller space, this Chicken Crib could be just right.

This one is a little more my style.  The always lovely Stephmodo highlighted her sister’s simple, modern coop.  I love it.  See more here.

If we were going for a futuristic kind of look, the one by Maxime Evrard’s Cocorico would be nice. Found here.

Also somewhat strange looking – but seemingly practical is Omlet’s Egu.

The Nogg is designed by furniture designer and engineer Matthew Hayward and Creative Director Nadia Turan.  Terribly clever – and lovely.

This one is another modern favorite.  Designed by Frederik Roije.

And I am of course a fan of just about anything Dwell highlights.  Read the story about this modern coop/planter right here.

the longest night…

as i sit here on the couch and type, my littlest kitty is lying in the hospital receiving a blood transfusion.

we went to a different vet and finally got a correct diagnosis yesterday, but by the time i came home from work today, i knew something was terribly wrong.  so we went to the animal hospital and found out that he is on the precipice of life and death.  euthanasia was brought up but i couldn’t bring myself to that place without trying absolutely everything.  i’ve never understood why people spend so much money on their pets… but now i do.  i am willing to do ANYTHING to make this little creature better.

what he has.  a red blood cell parasite.  and that has caused a whole host of other issues…UTI, fatty deposits on his liver, fever, malnutrition, etc.  but he is NOT having multi-organ system failure.  if we heard the vet right, it is his blood that is the problem.  and when she said that his kidneys are still good, we knew we had to give it a shot.

i can’t believe how hard this is.  i’m not quite sure why i’m putting it out here in cyberspace.  i don’t need validation.  i don’t know what i need… other than that little kitty to get better.  i feel so bad.  so responsible.  so helpless.  we’ve cried (a lot).  we’ve prayed.  now we wait.  and we hope.