discovering discovery

One of our weekend surprises I mentioned yesterday was a trip to the country, specifically a visit to Gonzales, Texas.  It’s one of those middle-of-nowhere Texas towns full of treasures.  Our original purpose for the trip was to visit Discovery Architectural Antiques.  If there is a building that has been torn down, they have all the pieces.  It is the perfect place to find the missing parts of your historical home, or add some history to your new one.  Also worth the drive was the town’s visitor center, which happened to be the old jail — working gallows and all!  There were a few other shops and stops and I may or may not have come home with another typewriter! (Yes, I’ve got a problem!)

50 cent goodness

I spent a good chunk of my day deep cleaning my house. I hadn’t done much cleaning since my sister left and the dust bunnies got as big as my kitty. Speaking of kitty, he tried to help me with my chores today. Later, on my way to the grocery store I decided to stop off at the antique mall and I found a nice little napkin/towel/textile or something that will be turned into something else. I think it will be an apron, pillow or change purse in it’s next life. It was only 50 cents! It was a good little find. Now off for a nice long walk.

a heart for detail

every time we go up north I try to swing into my favorite antique shop. Although I easily get overwhelmed because there is so much stuff and everything is old…I can usually score a few good textiles. And I was so happy to bring home these little guys. I love handkerchiefs, mostly because I use them. But I like knowing I have something pretty tucked away in my pocket or purse. I also like the idea of having something lovely to look at when I may be sad or need a little pick me up. I enjoy nicely colored ones because who wants a white one that well, isn’t going to stay white. I loved the scalloped edges of the yellow roses & besides I’m totally on a yellow kick these days. I had to have the color palate of this one, and of course it’s like a moth to a fame when it comes to turquoise & orange. But I think I’m going to use that in a different craft project I have in the works.