weekend scene

The weekend was so full.  Of course, my weekend started on Thursday night with Free Thursdays at the MFA.  I love that place.  (And yea for Anthony Burrill prints on display at the CAMH!) Then on Friday after doing some much-needed cleaning at my house, we headed to my sister’s where the hubs worked on a small renovation project at her office and I soaked in the pool.  My Pop also had a show at a sweet dive bar….entertaining it was.  As we drove home last night, the sky lit up with puffy clouds, intermittent rain showers and the most beautiful sunset. We’re ready for the week ahead!

Final August Weekend

weekend scene

A productive weekend by all accounts.  This place continues to shape up.  I did some promising research about my new business. The house got cleaned; I even found time to try a new medium (pastels).  The fam came over on Saturday to celebrate a belated birthday dinner.  And Sunday saw a 3-hour power nap!  Week old flowers still blooming, toasted sandwiches, presents unwrapped (and enjoyed by the kitty)…nothing extraordinary, but a good weekend indeed.

Weekend Scene July

creating a gallery wall

Because Rome is being rebuilt day by day around here, I have been looking for inspiration new gallery walls.  Our art/photography collection is not extensive, but we own a few things with sentimental value more than anything, and I’d like to hang them.  And because it’s all such a hodge-podge, I’ve been looking for a tasteful way to display it.  I really like the four walls below, each for different reasons.  But maybe we need to invest (or I just need to create!) a singular large piece?  We’ll see…

Gallery Wall Inspiration

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blue skies ahead

Csilla Klenyanszki

My first reaction upon seeing this image was “Wow… I know how she feels.”  But then I looked again and I started cracking up.  And then upon a third take I saw the blue skies, the towel, loofa, braid, and water pitcher.  This lady is giving herself a facial… or so I think.

And right now, I feel like I have an emotional hangover and I need a facial to make myself look a little more presentable…  so that’s what I’m doing.


old books of art

I’m fascinated by the work of Russian artist Ekaterina Panikanova.  Such a mix of nostalgia, ephemera, whimsey (and maybe a little sadness??).  I think it would be quite something to see in person.  Kudos indeed Ms. Panikanova.

Artist Ekaterina Panikanova

Her work reminded me of an installation I saw in Fredricksburg, Texas while we were traveling around last month…  I’m not sure who the artist was for this particular piece, but it was interesting enough that I snapped a photo of it with my phone.  But instead of old books, this artist used clipboards with pages from old books.  It’s certainly a little more DIY-ish, but still visually interesting and a similar medium used.

Red in Fred Art