It’s A Boy

Eight weeks.  We’ve survived EIGHT WEEKS!  And I’m still in “survival” mode.  So many things I want to blog about.  My (great) birthing experience, my declining health in the first week of postpartum, my difficulty breastfeeding, colic, tongue tie, and mostly how much I love this little boy.  I cannot believe I have a little BOY.  Bananas.  The only time I seem to have is when I’m sitting at the pump, and hopefully I’ll soon get to process this whole thing with words, but in the mean time you can see me process visually on Instagram.

Baby Heston Birth Announcement

why not throw-up on something pretty?

for one of my mommas-to-be, i thought a set of burp cloths was in order…that and some diapers!  once the little alien pops out and they are a bit settled into a routine i will see what else momma and baby could really use (maybe a blanket or bag or even more fashionable rags).  once the little tyke gets a bit bigger she might need some of these.

baby burp cloths

baby couture

Those words don’t seem to go together in my mind; however they seem to fit seamlessly in my friend’s new baby room.  She chose a lovely theme from CoCaLo Couture.  If I was getting ready to decorate for a new addition I would definitely head over there.

CoCaLo Couture Delilah

CoCaLo Couture Delilah Lamp

CoCaLo Couture Delilah Drapes

(Is is just me or does it look a little Amy Butler-esque?)

elephants for wednesday

I’ve spent the last few days making the cutest little baby gift. It’s only thanks to this book. I have a baby shower tonight and the couple is adopting a little boy from Ethiopia. I was a little unsure about using an african print because…well….I just wasn’t sure. But I like the way it turned out and plan to make more. So….if you’re having a baby soon, you’ll probably get a “Peanut, the Wee Elephant”.

When sewing I need either extremely detailed instructions or just let me completely wing it. This was a combination effort. My only complaint was that the first step seemed to be a bit confusing. It says to “sew belly pieces together leaving an opening where marked.” You can see that piece here. However, what it doesn’t make clear is where to sew the pieces together. I guess it was supposed to be intuitive, but I felt like the pattern was a little misleading. Anyway, I finally figured it all out (with the help of the spacial reasoning skills of my husband) and popped out a cute little elephant using the fabric that my friend Amy brought back for me from Tanzania. I decided to make a little matching blanket using the same black minky fabric I used on the ears as the backing for the very “a la denise schmidt” lined quilt. (no structured lines!)

I’m just excited that after all this I get rewarded with cake tonight!