One of the many weekend activities was harnessing my inner child and playing wither watercolors.  I was at my public library last week and got the urge to check out a book on birds.  This made me want to paint them.  I am not a painter.  Did I say that clearly enough… I – Am – Not – A – Painter.  I may pretend from time to time, but I’m as much a painter as I am a writer.  However, that said, I had an itch I wanted to scratch and so I did.

I found it strangely therapeutic to put color to paper.  I’m surprised by how much more I enjoy using watercolors versus acrylic or oil.  It’s more intuitive for some reason.  Who knows.  But maybe I’m not completely hating these little guys and I’ll get creative and put them to good use in my neglected sketchbook.

Watercolor Bunting Bird