containing the crazy


I spent part of the last two evenings writing a very long monologue about my thoughts & concerns on blogging.  It’s a letter I’ve written several times before but never posted.  And this time won’t be any different.  But what I found surprising was just how much better I felt after having just focused my attention and actually gotten the words out.  It reminded me of the instructions my mother would encourage when I had a problem with a friend, boyfriend, and later an employer, to “write it down and then sleep on it.”  Still that advice rings true, even for something as trivial as blogging.  After seeing things in the morning light, I have a new perspective.  (See, this is why it’s best if I don’t ever join twitter!)


a short break

Things are a little nuts-o around these parts.  And I’m not quite sure what I have to show for it; but regardless, I strangely feel obligated to update this space and say I’ll be out of commission until after this weekend (at least) and hope to return to my — much coveted — routine.  I’ve done a photo shoot and now need to edit it; we’re celebrating the patriarch’s big 6-0 this weekend, and the hubs has an exhibition this weekend to showcase that amazing summer project.  So… good things to come.  Lots of photos and updates on our little lives…just around the corner.  *I’m sure there are folks out there waiting with baited breath!*


I just had the LONGEST post written and ready to go.  But I’ve changed my mind about sharing so much.  Suffice it to say that in light of some recent intellectual property rights issues (i.e. folks taking work that’s not theirs and not crediting the author) I’m re-evaluating this space (and Pinterest).  Posting may be a little light around here because of that.

20 again? never…well maybe

Today is the birthday of a dear friend.  She is 26 today.  This has me thinking about age and life and… etc.

I can easily say that you couldn’t PAY me to be 20 again.  I absolutely LOVE being in my 30s — particularly my young thirties.  (I don’t know that I want to leave them!)  And VERY, VERY rarely will you ever catch me being envious of the aforementioned young ladies; however, I have made an exception — two actually.

Through many clicks and tabs I wandered on the photography site of Nirrimi.  This girl is 17, SEVENTEEN! and an O-MAZING professional photographer.  Her blog is sweet and endearing full of young adult angst.  I am completely smitten with her!

{a self-portrait — a SELF-PORTRAIT!!!}

And way back in 2008 I blogged about my discovery of Laura Marling while hiking across England.  I knew she was young, but good lord, she turns 20 on February 1st!  TWENTY.  She too is amazing.

Oh, to be so young and so friggin’ talented!

sketchbook project: complete

The sketchbook project is finally finished.  Thousands of sketchbooks will soon start touring the country.  I finally completed my own, as well as Shannon put together a collaborative project of several bloggers.  After looking at so many other pages and books, I have concluded I’m just about the least creative and talented person out there…but I really enjoyed the process.

Here are a few of my pages:


awww, flattery will get you everywhere…

My first award…granted to me by the always-kind OH!.  This lovely little thing is an inspiration award.  I am terribly flattered that anyone finds anything I might say or do inspiring.  I still find myself a bit perplexed as to why I’m even doing this ‘new, hip thing’ — blogging.  But for now it still tickles my fancy and I always enjoy seeing what others are doing in their lives and having a chance to learn something new.  So apparently I am to nominate 7 others for whom their works stand out from the rest.  Lately I can go to these places for inspiration:

marie antonette For Me, For You … for all around fabulousness
Katie at doodlesprouts has always got something going on and can get me to dust off my needles.  (check out her shop too.)
Scott Smith, a.k.a. The Sartorialist for capturing life on the streets
Mandi for doing some cool things with paper and embracing being 23.
Ez over at Creature Comforts for always having the prettiest layouts and pointing me to things I don’t always need, but always want.
Amy at Eggs on Sunday.  Food.  Need I say more? (Photographed so damn well too!)
And Kate the Great for kickin’ ass and taking names.  This lady has got whatever “it” is.  You’ll find visual and audio inspiration where she is.