amazing artist

an ounce… that’s all i ask for.  just an ounce of what these creative people have.  i’m totally in love with two different artists at the moment.

Lisa Congdon is a fabulous west coast artist whose recent project caught my eye.  she is doing a collection a day either with photos, drawing, or painting.  i’m enjoying seeing everyday objects & some very special things from this perspective.  check it out here.

i’m also completely loving the “missed connection” series by Sophie Blackall.  i love that she takes this tiny story and brings it to life.  i wonder if anyone has seen their own missed connection illustrated.  how cool would that be to own the illustration of your particular experience.  so talented.  check her out here.

i <3 the internet

Well I have continuing love/hate relationship with the internet: blogs, social networking, etc.  But yesterday was a good day.

Bri over at The Craft Begins posted about a fabulous graphic designer Jordan Gray.  I LOVE his work.

Kate over at For Me, For You fed my feline addiction with The Catorialist.

And coco+kelley led me to an amazing professional photographer Chris Nicholls.

going somewhere?

With the chilly temps here and a sick kitty on my hands I’m not going anywhere this weekend.  I’ll have to live vicariously through two peachy peripatetics Alex & Mina.  These two sold their house and all their belongings and are traveling around the world…and lucky for us they take lots of photos and decided to share.

And for a little design inspiration I plan on perusing the archives of Faye + Co.  Anything she highlights is of visual interest and impeccable taste.

lucky me

The only time I’ve ever won anything was in 1996.  I was working for a CPA that summer and spent most of the day in and office with the radio on.  The original Lilith Fair was in town and the local radio station was giving away tickets to the 5th caller at some designated time.  I heard the Sarah McLachlan song they were looking for and my fingers went to work.  Usually you get a busy signal, but this time the phone rang…and rang, and rang, and rang.  Just as I was getting ready to hang up I heard a voice on the other end say, “Hey, who is this?”  After I state my name,  bells and whistles ring out and the d.j. pronounced me the proud new owner of sold-out tickets to the summer’s hottest show.

Well I’d say that I’ve been on a bit of a dry spell since then.  Nothing of pure luck has come my way.  No lucky numbers, or a sock to never wash and I’m at the bright side all the time.  I mean, I can’t even win at $1 scratch-offs.  (My mom and I tried at every gas station between Texas and Chicago!)

However, 13 years later my luck has changed as the splendid SistersGulassa have deemed me their lucky give-a-way winner!  Last month they decided to give away an original piece of mixed media artwork and I’m so pleased I will get to hang it on my wall.  Yeah for original and unique art!  I am a big fan of their lovely designs and products and so glad I will get to look at something so lovely every day.   Thanks ladies!


friday finds

So Pete Yorn pretty much rocked my face off last night!!!  It was such a fun concert. (All the more so b/c this lady joined us for the festivities!) I don’t know what’s wrong with Grand Rapids, but there was a pretty pitiful turn out.  Sad for Pete, but good for us as were were like 10 feet from him all night!  I think if we could hang with any musician, from any time… I think we’d choose Pete.  It would be a toss up for Brad between him and U2, but I’m with Pete all the way.

Now I’m taking a break from cleaning my house as we are preparing for a private showing today and an open house tomorrow.  Crazy person am I!

Earlier this week I decided to catch up on some blog reading and here are some super fun things that caught my eye.  Man, three weeks away from blog-land and you miss some really good stuff.



06The Czech Republic’s got style. Check out this great blog on all things aesthetically pleasing and inspiring:  Art, Design, Photography, Food, Fashion, Color, Life.  Graphic Designer and quite possibly my Eastern European doppelganger, Raru, certainly does have 79 ideas running through her head…and then some.  I loved her post on the Calligraphy of Russia and the rest of the world and her an eye for unique artists.  I also tend to read her blog with a cool accent.

Etsy Love The most lovely prints that say fall.

il_430xN.95699456 il_fullxfull.69293117



The most perfect perpetual calendar by Orange Beautiful via Uppercase.







:: Wishing I was at this fun party.

:: Loving these little labels.

:: I would love a whole collection of these beauties.

:: Looking forward to seeing this movie.

:: Keeping my fingers crossed for our showing today & our open house tomorrow!

best idea ever

…or maybe the best FALL idea ever.  As we have been up to our eyes in apples (and pears) lately i think this is a FANTASTIC way to preserve some of the goodness and also a very thoughtful, handmade gift.  This is definitely one of those… “why didn’t I think of that!”

Found originally by this lovely blogger, but for the full tutorial go to the horses mouth here.

The sneak peek:



I was looking at the oh-so-lovely blog: The Wife of an Artist and she thankfully posted about the artist Liu Bolin.


I can’t quite describe why I was so taken with this particular artist and his medium.  It is more than just the obvious talent of the painter, but the deeper vision of Mr. Bolin.  He describes himself as The Invisible Man, silently protesting the lack of his acknowledgement as an individual and artist in his society.  As a Chinese artist he has continually been oppressed and denied value as a contributing member of society.

I cannot fathom the deep dedication it must take to stand for up to 10 hours just to be painted.  I wonder what he thinks about while standing so still…

A couple of the photos are from here (an article about the artist) & here (another lovely blog).



Liu Bolin 9

Liu Bolin6