would you take a DNA test?

Over the weekend, I read an interesting article about the art direction/marketing for a genetic testing company.  Instead of leaning towards the  super-sci-fi ( a la Minority Report) they went with the “I’m your friendly neighbor and, oh yeah, science is fun” approach.    As soon as I saw it, I felt like it was something that I could easily find on Target shelves.  (I’m not sure if that’s a praise or a slam…) 

23 and me website

Here is one of their commercials:

And as I scrolled through their website, it reminded me (a lot) of the now discontinued Dr. Perricone SUPER products. A product whose packaging I really enjoyed.  



So, ethical questions aside, I’m not sure if I’m their target audience (35-45 female) but they did indeed sucker me in with friendly, clean, colorful graphics and that chunky sans serif font — so who all wants a DNA test for a stocking stuffer this year?! 


turning my dream into reality — today

*Eeeeek!!* I keep repeating my favorite Brene Brown mantra: “Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity, and change.”

I cannot believe that it’s finally here; I have been working diligently for months…and dreaming for years.  And today, I finally launch my own business.  Let me introduce Houston’s only AWA writing group — Salt Water Writing Studio.  I have just published my first blog post under the SWWS name and sent out invitations to Houston area writers, and I feel like I’m standing naked on a Broadway stage!

As painful as all this vulnerability is, I know it is worth it and I look forward to growing my business and helping writers find their voice by way of thoughtful workshops and stimulating groups.  If you are in the Houston area and are interested in learning more, please visit my website and send me an email.


*A huge thank you to Chelsea of Oh My Deer for her lovely lettering of my logo!

mixed emotions

Well it was Part Deux today. I sat in on a 40 minute interview in which I didn’t say anything. And then it was my turn to “respond to what had just been said”. Hmm…. One party in the interview seemed very positive and affirming that I seemed like the right fit; however, the second party involved was extremely guarded and was sure to let me know that I did not have this thing in the bag. Then much to my horror she said that she wanted me to take “The Kolbe Test” before she made any decisions. I didn’t even know what this torture device was, but I knew I would not enjoy it.

I soon found out that this is one of those tests that tells you not what you know, or why you do things, but “what you WILL do.” Lame. Now I have been known to enjoy a good personality test. I do tend to carry my INTJ results with me on a badge, but to know that a job could or will be decided on how I answered an arbitrary/subjective test…just completely sucks. As well as I feel like how can the results truly be untainted when the answer options had clear tendencies and I know I’m gunning for a more research, writing, organizing position??? I think my subconscious would be at work at the very least framing my answers…right?

And I’m not even quite sure how we left things. (Other than a little frustrated.) Maybe it’s a sign that it’s not a good fit after all. Or on the other hand I should be glad that they scrutinze so carefully and don’t want to hire just anyone. I guess we’ll find out in time.

press 1 to leave a message

After I finally finished my resume I scrounged up some gusto and I walked into the new potential job-site. I thought I was just going to hand in my resume and then leave, but the owner decided to interview me right there on the spot. He called in his wife to also interview me and we talked for a little over an hour. It was great. Really great. One week passed, no phone call. Then on Monday I finally got the call I was waiting for. It was from the woman who interviewed me. She left a very positive message saying that “she and her husband talked a lot all week about what it would be like working with me and that she would like to talk me about it a bit more so call her on her cell phone any time.”

I was ecstatic & so nervous. This was actually real & happening. I got the message at 5:30 and called her immediately. I got her voicemail so I left a message. And despite the death grip on my phone, I didn’t hear from her that night. Then I thought, well it won’t hurt to call again Tuesday morning…after all, maybe she didn’t get the message, etc. Tuesday 10:30am second message for her on her cell phone. By Tuesday night…still nothing. Wednesday I was feeling a bit nervous that she wasn’t getting the messages b/c cell phones can be crazy and I’m thinking that she’s thinking that I’m being disrespectful and/or I’m not interested. So I thought, maybe I’ll call the office. I did…she wasn’t there. I didn’t leave a message and thought, O.K., she had to go out of town or something. She’ll call back. Thursday morning…still nothing. Thursday afternoon I decide to call the office and leave a message this time. I call, her secretary says she’s in and asks who’s calling of course. After I’m put on hold for a minute the secretary says she’s on another line and wants to know if I want to be put through to her voicemail…. so, I did what i’ve been doing…and left another message. Tonight…still no returned phone call.

By now, I’m feeling a little bit like the stalker girlfriend. I absolutely cannot believe that she hasn’t call me back…particularly after specifically telling me to “call my mobile any time.” Are you kidding me. This has been an awful waiting game.

So do I keep calling until I get her? You know, the squeaky wheel gets greased first thing? Is she testing me? Am I just being annoying or professionally persistent? Why in the world has she not called me back? And why am I the one that feels like the jerk?


She called!!!  I go back for a second interview Tuesday at 10:30am.  She apologized for not getting back to me sooner.  She said she had to unexpectedly go out of town & things just got nuts.  I feel really good about me being a good fit for the company, now I’m curious to see what it is that they would want me to do & if it’s a good fit for me.  But man, just to have normal people hours alone would be amazing *swoon*!

Brand Identity

Thanks to swissmiss, I have spent too much time on-line analyzing different brand identities…at least according to those who have contributed to the sight. Follow the link here to check out what other people think of a familiar brand. The program uses a tag cloud to show the responses. Once you have typed in your thought and hit the submit button, look up at the top to click on the page showing what others think too. I wonder if corporate monkeys are checking this because you would think if they did, they might start making some changes.