how is it only wednesday? I accomplished an entire weeks worth of stuff!

Today was a crazy busy day. The day started with over 400 school & business closing because of the weather. I was really glad it was my day off, because driving in blizzard conditions is not my most favorite thing in the world. I wish I could have slept in and stayed on the couch all day. Ah, but alas, life gets in the way. Because we had such a “unique weather event”, a Flash Freeze to be precise, the doors to our vehicles were frozen shut. Thus, I walked to my dentist appointment this morning. (It’s only a block or so away!) I bundled up and set out in the elements. I think the high today was 14! Brrr. Upon surviving non-human temperatures I locked myself in the house and set out to get a ton accomplished. I managed to check off a few things on my list, but of course I needed to save something for my next day off.

I wanted to tackle several piles of paper we’ve been accumulating on the desk. Yes, I confess, I am a piles person (thanks, mom!) And yes if you’ve ever had to live with me, you are glad you do not any more. I thought this side of me would have been curbed when I got married and moved to a tiny little apartment, but no. My husband too is a piles person! Let me clarify; it is piles of paper-stuff. You know, phone bills, bank statements, never-ending insurance stuff. (I mean really, how many kinds of insurance do you need?!) And just what are you supposed to do with all that paper-stuff? I throw A LOT away, but do you too find yourself saying, “Well, let’s just file it.” Or, “We should hang on to it, just for a little while.” I can organize anything & everything else in my life…but darn you paper-stuff!

I digress. The paper-stuff pile was tackled. (I also managed to break our brand-new-as-of-last-night paper shredder.) Then it was on the the second item on my agenda: vacuuming! Done. And then on to what I really wanted to get accomplished today: cards. I have 3 sick relatives and 1 very overdue thank you note. I’m glad I was alone because B gets a little overwhelmed when he sees the table look like this. But that chaos led to these cards:

Get Well Card Yellow Circle Lines

thank you peacock peace

When B came home I finished up the cards and he made the most wonderful meatloaf from this cookbook. My Aunt gave it to us last Christmas and we use it (eh hm, B uses it) all the time. Then off to Target to take back some jeans and pick up a binder to check off two other to-dos. We then swung by Michael’s and I’m so glad we did because check out the booty I banked! These rolls of paper are regularly $7.00 but I snagged them for only $2.00 a roll. Oooh…I love.


Well, I didn’t necessarily mean to give a play-by-play, but there it is…my very busy day off! Have a great Thursday!