It’s A Boy

Eight weeks.  We’ve survived EIGHT WEEKS!  And I’m still in “survival” mode.  So many things I want to blog about.  My (great) birthing experience, my declining health in the first week of postpartum, my difficulty breastfeeding, colic, tongue tie, and mostly how much I love this little boy.  I cannot believe I have a little BOY.  Bananas.  The only time I seem to have is when I’m sitting at the pump, and hopefully I’ll soon get to process this whole thing with words, but in the mean time you can see me process visually on Instagram.

Baby Heston Birth Announcement

Weekend Scene

The hubs and I continued to celebrate our 10th Anniversary with dinner at our new favorite restaurant, Sparrow Bar + Cookshop.  I Suwannee!  It was delicious…which doesn’t adequately describe it.  But it wasn’t just the food; it was the entire experience.  We enjoyed a perfectly paced 5-course meal (over 2 hours!) infused with curious combinations and unexpected epicurean creations and upon being seated our waiter brought us a bottle of champagne — a gift from two very-classy, thoughtful friends.  I can’t wait to pay that one forward — what a fantastic surprise!

It seems like B is back in school again because he is spending so much time studying these days, but did you know in order to become a licensed architect it’s not enough to complete a degree you then have to take an exam for licensure.  Oh — or S E V E N exams.  He’s passed one already and has his second scheduled for two weeks, thus his nose being stuck in a book his computer.

We continued celebration on Sunday with a quick lunch with my Pop.  Good times.

And now on with the week…

Weekend June 15

Celebrating 10 Years Together

We kept tradition alive and did our annual anniversary photo-shoot yesterday on the actual day of our anniversary.  And tonight we’ll celebrate with a proper dinner date!  I think we should celebrate all weekend…

10th Anniversary

10th Anniversary

This year’s location was an easy choice; it’s our favorite Thursday date-night location.

And you can see a few outtakes after the jump…


a sublime escape: the dominican republic

Finally… pictures of our escape to one of the best kept secrets in the Caribbean.  To celebrate the hub’s graduation and 3 years of insanely hard work, we indulged in a place that is truly sublime.  We stayed in the Dominican Republic’s Sublime Samana.

Very rarely do we ever consider returning to the same destination (too many other places on our life list to visit), but this one is the exception.   Our flight was super easy from our Gulf Coast origin, and the nearly 2hr transfer to our hotel didn’t feel near as long.  If you are lucky enough to be close to JFK airport in New York, then you can fly JetBlue directly into the newly opened Samana airport and you’re just 20 minutes away from the hotel.

It had been 9 years since we had a holiday with just the two of us, so we felt it was time.

The Dominican Republic Samana Beach

The Dominican Republic Hammock

The Dominican Republic Samana Beach

I found this amazing spot via Mr. & Mrs. Smith, however when I tried to book it, they did not have any rooms available at the advertised discount, so I ended up booking via the hotels website directly and it was just as cheap.  Sublime Samana is also part of Small Luxury Hotels of the World and it very much lived up to its reviews.  It is incredibly chic and relaxing.  The rooms were fantastic, the location could NOT be beat, the food was beyond delicious, and even the music was cool (playing the most recent Daft Punk album!)

Sublime Samana Hotel Review

Sublime Samana Casitas

Sublime Samana at night

We are still ooohh-ing and awwwwe-ing every time we think of what an escape it was.  This is just part one, more photos to follow this week!

words cannot express

He did it!!!!!  The hubs has completed his FINAL architectural project for school!  Graduation is a mere 18 days away and a bit of a formality at this point….because it’s over!

My reaction: celebration gif

 His Reaction:  Napoleon Dance

Someone was so kind as to snap a photo of him in action.  Brad said that this was his best final jury.  (Mind you that doesn’t mean it was a great review… it was just better than the last two years’!)  But he said that it felt good to go out on a high note, because there was no redeeming this project once it was complete.  Maybe I should finally post one of his projects in this space.  For now he is celebrating by getting up and going to a paying job and not school!  A great day indeed…

final architecture project

birthday food

We celebrated Brad’s birthday early this year and fortunately for us we chose well.  Branch Water Tavern has made it to the top of a very short list of our favorite restaurants.  It was hands down the best roast chicken I’ve ever had and he ordered the bacon-wrapped shrimp over cheese grits.  To our surprise this also included a poached egg and wilted spinach — yum!  But I think the best part was the most O-MAZING cornbread with fresno pepper jelly — we couldn’t resist bringing some home to enjoy again the next day.  That cornbread was a little bit of heaven as its consistency was that of a fluffy biscuit.  And paired with that jelly…. oh dear…. it was the perfect blend of warm spice and sweet jam simultaneously exploding in my mouth.  Perfection!  Everything else on the menu looked amazing too…including their 10+ page wine and spirits list.  We will definitely have to find another excuse to celebrate to justify a quick return!

I am so grateful for so much in my life…but most especially for that tall drink of water I call a husband!

B Bday

how to celebrate turning 60

The party for my pop wasn’t exactly something you would see in a spread for Martha Stewart, but rather somewhere in the pages of the free periodicals they give away at grocery stores where they don’t mind if you’re not wearing shoes!  The darn wind thwarted our efforts at more elaborate decorations, but I think we made Tim Gunn proud and “made it work!”  Besides it kept all those West Nile Mosquitoes at bay.

We had the original intention of setting up a backdrop for guests in the main area of the lower deck (mostly for lighting reasons), but the aforementioned wind made us change plans.  But it just so happened that the cabin we rented had an outdoor shower that transformed into the perfect photo booth. With lots of decorations, lights, props, and a heavy flash it made for some really funny shots.  I actually think it worked out better to be in the enclosed space because it allowed folks to feel a little more free to be silly.

Really, I guess you can’t go wrong with classic marble cake (with chocolate butter cream frosting), a delicious fish fry (with caught-and-cooked-by-my-pop-fish), live music, lots of alcohol, and a photo booth!  At this Texas-sized birthday bash we ate, drank, danced and laughed until we could no more — sounds like a success to me (apologies to the neighbors!)