on the small screen

I can’t remember when the last time was that I watched a single movie, much less FOUR in one weekend.  We have a quite the ever-growing Netflix queue; and we made a serious dent in it this past weekend.  We covered nature, the economy, and personal grooming.  My least favorite of these was Mansome; I’m a serious Bluth-brother fan, so maybe my expectations were too high.  It just wasn’t very funny.  (The hubs might disagree.)  But it’s no secret that I love a good infographic, so it’s no surprise then that I really liked The Flaw — kudos graphic design team. I highly recommend this to anyone wanting to better understand the financial meltdown of 2008.  Ethos will be “out there” for the main stream, but I thought it was informative (but definitely a little lacking in the graphics department).  And 180 Degrees South is just beautiful, inspiring, and a little heartbreaking.

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listen up

We’ve recently changed up our Sunday morning routine — and I like it.  The alarm goes off at 5:45 and the first thing I do after I manage to not fall crawl down the ladder is grab the radio remote and hit the power button as I stumble to the bathroom.  After catching news highlights, one of my favorite new shows begins.  It’s called On Being.  Krista Tippett is the host and she’s moderating discussions on topics that typically don’t lend themselves to civility and grace.   Per their website, “On Being is a spacious conversation — and an evolving media space — about the big questions at the center of human life, from the boldest new science of the human brain to the most ancient traditions of the human spirit.” It’s an hour-long program so we always miss the second half; but for the last 5 weeks I have gone home Sunday afternoon and downloaded the rest of the days discussion to continue to engage my own thoughts.  I’ve even downloaded the podcast so I can listen to it during my long Monday morning commute.   A show about meaningful things, delivered in a meaningful way… I’m in.

to corporate america: stop stalking my uterus!

Some time ago when I was sick with pink eye, my dad inadvertently signed me up for a Target pharmacy rewards card while picking up my prescription.  (He is still denying this fact mind you.)  However, ever since said card has been ascribed to me, I have been inundated with baby business.  It started with a few issues of something called “American Baby” and then onto Target coupons for maternity clothes and baby-esque things. I finally wrote to American Baby and asked them to stop sending me their junk mail magazine (but I have still received more issues).  Then came an onslaught of “Babies-R-Us” fliers and coupons.  To the recycle bin it all went… until last week.  Much to my surprise, I found a sizable package addressed to me on the porch.  Having not ordered anything myself, I was giddy with joy thinking someone decided to surprise me!  Well, the pastel lavender package should have been an immediate dead giveaway.  One quick flip of the box and I knew this was no gift for me, it was rather, a gift to my Corporate American Consumer identity.

According to this super-scary article about the tracking habits of Corporate America (and specifically Target) I should be having a baby.  I mean, they now know my age (a shocking 34!), my meds that I take (for a wonky thyroid), and that on my last trip to Target my purchases included a frozen (albeit organic) pizza, bottle of wine, and cookie dough.  That doesn’t exactly scream new-mom-in-the-making material to me.  But apparently these purchases along with my age and income (which they know!) have sent out smoke signals that “IT’S TIME!”

Well I’ve got news for you Corporate America, if a dying old woman with ties directly to the center of my heart can’t convince me to have a baby — then neither can you, even with all your fancy marketing material.  Lord knows I’m a sucker for good packaging and the big red box store will continue to suck me in with its affordable, semi-trendy designer goods, and newly-expanded-grocery-section (hallelujah!), BUT you cannot trick me into having a baby — or even thinking that I want one.  If anything, you are just continually reminding me of exactly why we have chosen to not reproduce.

Look, it’s not you — it’s me.  So you can stop wasting all that paper and packaging.  It’s not going to happen — at least not because of you or on your time-table.  When and if the time does come for us to make that decision, we will not be consulting the aisles of Target, Babies R Us, or any other store that sells STUFF.  Oh, and you might want to tell the tracking people that they missed they mark because pre-baby stuff has given way to post-baby stuff — starting with the TWO FREE jars of formula that were sitting on my porch last week.  (Well, maybe it was the wine that gave it away after all. I guess I will be getting a breast pump coupon next!)

ya snooze, ya lose

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of the hand-written letter and notes.  And I’m a big fan of Art House Co-op.  So yesterday when they announced their latest project: The Note Swap, I was super pumped.  But when I went to sign up this morning, the entry was already closed!  I should have know they would fill their quota pretty quickly; and my lesson has been learned.  It’s a standard mantra and our house anyway but “if you snooze, you lose!”  They’ve got several other projects going on too though, I’ll have to consider signing up for one of those — and soon!

fighting cancer with a mustache

Oh the mustache, that fun little facial accessory that can simultaneously invoke horror when paired with the right glasses or make your mark as the ultimate hipster.  But the mustache is not as vile as it was once considered.  It seems there was a cultural shift sometime between the glory that was Tom Selleck in the 80’s and the Abercrombie man-boys of the aughts.  But the “mouth-brow” has made a comeback, and has been made particularly prestigious with the invention of Movember.  Movember allows men to showcase their manliness while supporting prostate cancer research.  These dapper-dudes agree to grow a ‘stache for contributions to the cause.  And the hubs drinks enough coffee that he thought he should chip in too.  For those that know him, they know that he is no stranger to facial hair.  Many (many) a men have stopped, stared, and even asked him about the hair protruding from his cheeks and chin.  However, the real estate  just above his perfectly full upper lip and just below that perfectly proportioned button-nose is a bit….thin, in height.  Rather than invoking the spirit of the aforementioned hairy hero (Tom), his looks a bit more like Ron Burgandy. (She says with love!)  But December has arrived and the moo-stache (as we call it), will be no more.  It’s time for winter scruff and then the eventual glorious, just-for-men ad that is his dark, thick, full beard.  But, you can still support the cause by donating here.

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See us both with mustaches here!  And here are a few of my favorite items for bearded dudes.

music and a movie

That’s what I’m doing tonight; I must admit I’m pretty excited.  The Houston Symphony Orchestra is performing the live score to The Matrix, while we watch the movie.  Awesome.  I can’t believe The Matrix came out when I was college!  (Wow, I feel a slightly old now.)  It was and still is one of my favorite movies.  I remember loving just how novel the film-making technique was then, and that story-line!  You combine a great movie with the live score… a winner indeed.  Looks like Thursday nights are becoming a regular date night (who am I kidding, every night that we’re together is a date night!)