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My family has a ridiculous affinity for the movie Ghostbusters.  I think the four of us could reenact the entire movie, really.  The hubs sometimes has a hard time watching it with us because we won’t shut up.  Perfectly campy, it will always be one of my favorites (and most casually quoted).  Lucky for us, it has been re-released for a limited showing and tonight is the last night to catch it on the big screen!  Oh yeah, date night it is.



Every day I look at beautiful places to live on-line.  Really, it’s like a moth to a flame; I can’t help myself.  So needless to say, when I ran across these pics of Detroit in Ruins, I was stunned.  These photos are beautiful, haunting, heartbreaking, and made me down right mad.  The fact that all those emotions were evoked (almost simultaneously) is a sign of a great shot.  The Parisian photographers behind the project compiled these images into a book.

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embracing the local culture

I will always associate fall with cross-texas trips to our deer lease.  And thanks to a chain of pit-stops across the state called Buc-ee’s (pronounced: Bucky’s), bathroom breaks are a whole lot nicer.  Their motto is “bathrooms so clean your mother would be proud” — or something like that.  All I know is that the bathrooms really are impeccable and the convenient store is crazy efficient.  They have designed everything in their store to get you in and out quickly — self checkouts and all.  But if you choose to stretch your legs and peruse their merchandise, you will be offered an assortment of proprietary goods and foods.  Meats, cheeses, and sweets (um — hello pecan pie pieces!) are plentiful, but my favorite has to be the beaver nuggets.  As wretched as it sounds, it’s a delicious cross between a cracker-jack and a rice crispy.  The perfect, addictive road-trip snack!

are you smarter than a 1869 harvard candidate?

Thanks to GOOD, I now know I could not have passed the 1869 Harvard entrance exam — dutifully covering your basic Greek, Latin, Algebra, Plane Geometry, Arithmetic, History, and Geography.  But according to an article written by Allison Cowan for The New York Times Education Section, at least 7 out of 8 did pass the exam and gain entrance into the Ivy League.  Check out a .pdf of the test here.

taking notes from J.K. Rowling

How did she do it?  How did she keep all that information straight?  With a traditional grid on notebook paper, that’s how!  This is how I did most of my papers for school. (It’s still how I plan out a busy work day or vacation!)  I couldn’t ever do this kind of prep work or schedule on a computer.  Glad to know some minds still work like mine…

Pictured here is the chart for chapters 13-24 of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix:


nuts or brilliant?

I’m still obsessed with swimming pools and I just found one I will have to add to the life list.  The luxury hotel in Singapore, Marina Bay Sands, is home to a 150 meter infinity swimming pool — oh and did I mention that it’s 200 meters in the air!

The base of the structure is representative of three cricket wickets…and a bunch of other stuff about movement and space and pedestrians… blah, blah, blah.  Really it’s a boat on six legs.  Six 55-story legs at that!  Oh yeah, it’s also home to a shopping mall, casino, nightlife — basically Vegas in a building.

With my affinity for pools in general, I’m definitely giving this a strong BRILLIANT.

Infinity Pool

Infinity Pool

Singapore Hotel

Singapore Hotel

Swimming in Infinity Pool

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