An Overdue Apartment Update

The hubs and I recently had ourselves a little staycation.  And as I’ve said a million times before, spring is the only season I’ll openly advocate for everyone to move here.  We thought we might head to Austin or even catch a last minute travel deal to Vegas, but why go somewhere else when it is the perfect time to hang out in the 4th largest city in the country.  Believe me, come August, I’ll be begging for strangers to take me in!

During this week of heavenly respite, we made a pact to treat our town as if we were seeing it with fresh eyes and go to places we wouldn’t normally go (i.e. Try New Restaurants Lazy!)  And eat we did!  We also visited the zoo, went shopping, drove down streets we don’t normally take, grilled outside, watched foreign films… treated it like it was all new…  from the comfort of our own home.  And there will be updates coming of our fun Houston adventures.  But we also took advantage of the free time to clean and organize our home.  (Don’t worry it’s a disaster again already.)  The hubs worked on a new (and amazing!) furniture project and I assessed our art situation and tried to remedy it myself (not happening any time soon!).  So although we are about to install a new major piece of furniture, I figured I’m always going to “soon get another piece of furniture”… thus, just take the picture already!  So here’s a little snapshot of the new arrangement.  But to see the full story, go here or click on Apartment Living up top there.

Apartment Update

Over on that other page, I’ve included links to my DIY hanging pendant, our handmade coffee table, an ikea hack, and a few other things! 

weekend scene

Our first weekend in December brought record highs (82 yesterday!)  But we also saw the first Sunday in Advent, which was fantastic for many reasons.  And I finally completed my “decorating.”  I still have mixed emotions about it, but this year I changed up a few things around the house and added my Grandmother’s silver angels.  I think they are very nicely designed and of course have sentimental value.  I’m surprised that I almost passed on taking them.

I’m also glad that it’s citrus season.  I could eat my weight in cuties.  And our landlord brought us some fresh tangerines from their tree.  So good and juicy you have to eat them over the sink!

I hope to be fully present to the next few weeks as we navigate another round of finals, holiday consumerism, and year-end work stuff.

These are a few iphone snaps of the holiday happenings in our home…


go towards the light

My mom and I are both looking for new pendant lights; so unfortunately my Pinterest page is becoming full of them.  The light I’m looking for is for over our table (under the bed) because the new bookshelf has blocked the only light bulb for that area.  I was thinking glass since it would sort-of be in the middle of everything, thus giving the illusion of transparency.  Most of these are a bit out of my price range, but they have served as some serious DIY inspiration.  Who knows what in the world we’ll come up with.  And for the record, six is my favorite.

one | two | three | four | five | six

black and white and green with envy

B & I may have a chance to acquire a new little apartment (660 sq ft.)  soon… finger’s crossed.  Thus, my daydreaming of a re-design has already begun.  I have visions of clean lines, antique furniture and lots of black, white, and cream.  It will be tough to do with how much I really do like color and so much of our stuff is quite colorful, but let’s just hope it’s a problem I have to encounter.

These are a few things I would love to have and/or attempt to make.

from this amazing shop

Holiday/Good anytime ideas here

some box store art

and from the mothership

and I can just see our little Manchester kitty lounging on this sofa.

corners of my home

Even though we are trying to sell I am still changing the way things look around here.  I have been actually hanging things on the walls and continually changing the accessories on what few surface areas I have.  I recently acquired the oval painting from my Grandmother and thought the colors went well with what was going on in my bedroom.  And while in Chicago, I was able to snap a photo of the ferris wheel at navy pier which also involved the Red/Blue/Black theme.  With much anticipation I nailed the first hook into the wall and it did not turn to ash, so I added another frame to the mix.  Now that creative energy is spilling over to other parts of the house.  I’m hoping that Murphy’s Law applies and just when I get things hung in the right place, we’ll have to sell!  🙂

Oh, the second photo is of some lovely Gladys I picked up for $.99 (no kidding) that I think make such a dramatic statement.  I love fresh flowers.

Bedroom Art