baby’s first birthday gift

A friend’s baby celebrated her first birthday and since I can’t not make something, I thought I would opt for something other than a toy or clothes.  I’ve been a bit infatuated with silhouettes lately, so I thought I would do one of the baby.  I started with this photo

and then with a little photoshop magic I had her profile.  I then used some transfer paper and traced her printed profile onto my fabric.  I also decided to use thread to “draw” my initial outline of her head over the chalk.  I knew I ultimately wanted to fill it in, but I needed a better guideline than my chalky outline.

Once I did that it was just a matter of stitching from left to right.  I was pleased with the end result.  (So was the momma!)

There is a great tutorial over here.

an eye for the every day

I am in such awe of artists like Lauren DiCioccio.  She uses newspapers, plastic bags, old slides, and magazines to create a paused moment in time, by embroidering them.  When people can take the most prosaic of items and turn them into something original and beautiful is real talent indeed.  Wonderful.  Just Wonderful.

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Show & Tell

That’s really what blogging is all about, right?  I remember those few days when I picked a special object in my life: a photo, birthday present, my favorite shoes… and then would stand up in front of the class and monologue.  Each day in blog-land is a show & tell of found objects, snagged snapshots, color combos discovered, creative endeavors accomplished, pretty things purchased.  My show and tell today is really more of a math problem:

3 fat quarters + 5 colors of embroidery floss = 1 mother’s day tote bag

This was my first venture into hand embroidery and I must say that I loved it.  I enjoyed the process because there is very little prep needed (time or materials) and then you get immediate gratification.  I think I see a new habit forming.


Alexander Henry striped lining

dragonfly embroidery