a touch of gold

A few weekends ago, I was in Zara and saw the most fantastic skirt.  I knew right then it’s what I wanted to wear to the Stars Dinner.  However I didn’t want to pay $70 for it.  And of course I got struck with “I could make that!” syndrome (again.)  The key though would be finding the right material.  After searching hi and low for the gold bottom layer I finally found it on Ebay here.  It was only $7 a yard!  Then, I came across the top, sheer layer at High Fashion Fabric ($13 a yard).  My only complaint was that they didn’t have it in the “putty” color I was really looking for.  Oh well, what are you gonna do?  To finish, I used some black 2″ wide elastic and made the easiest elastic-wait skirt ever.  (See it in progress here.)  If you don’t know just how easy it is, there is a great tutorial for one here.  But mine wasn’t even that complicated because it is sans pockets and NO HEMMING required!!!  Looking at it now, I would have added MANY more pleats, but it really would have made it more of a cream color instead of what it was.  But, maybe for another day.  (It would be fun to do this in other colors.)  I accessorized with my shoes from last year, a black tank top and this black jacket.  Easiest outfit ever….

a little decoration

Last weekend I couldn’t help myself and I made a little “happy” for my friend that is stuck in the woods with 15 campers!  I figured a little bunting could help brighten her tent or the dining area.  (I am jealous though that she is back in the same place we were in 2009.)  I used some of the fabric that she brought back for me from Tanzania in 2008.  It was a great, easy one-evening project.

making it work

It might just have to be a little D.I.Y. weekend.  We just got some new fabric for throw pillows — I totally went in the opposite direction of neon pop (but we might add it later).  You’ve got to love it when High Fashion Home has $65 a yard fabric on sale for <$10/yd!  For some reason I haven’t managed to snap a photo of it yet.  I also picked up some fabric for this piece of furniture that I have yet to reveal!  The new place seems to be coming together.  We’re really trying to get things settled as our in-laws will arrive in two weeks.  Eeek!

And if there is time I may have to try a little D.I.Y. jewelry.  I can’t believe I just found the blog Honestly…WTF.  They have the best tutorials out there!!!  Can’t wait to try it all… Have a great weekend folks!

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adding a punch of color

I’ve been thinking about my white-ish couches and what I could do to spice them up (& our entire little loft).  The new place has freshly painted egg shell white walls and an oak floor — a blank canvas.  The easiest (and cheapest) way for me to change-up our same old (and new!) furniture is new pillows.  I’ve really been enjoying seeing the color combo of neon meets neutral.  But I may be leaning a little more towards an ethnic/global market approach.  Maybe I need to find some fabric that combines both — like the Missoni dress — ooooh.

1. Simplesmente Branco 2. Somewhere Splendid 3. Jordan Ferney 4. Martha Stewart 5. Jenni Kayne 6. Adore Magazine 7. Missoni pre fall 2011 8. Vera Neumann


diy weekend

I’m so glad that the weekend is here!  I’m headed to the salon to update the do, and then off to houston to play with my family.

I wanted to share my latest sewing project.  Even though it’s a very easy pattern, I recruited the talents of my sister to do it for me assist me.  It’s been a while since I’ve had a successful clothes-sewing endeavor, so I thought I would get back to the basics.  I used this pattern with some fabric on sale for $1 a yard from jo-anns.  So all-in-all, I think it cost $5 and my time (and my sister’s sanity!).  But now that I’ve built up a little confidence again, I might just have to try my hand at a summer dress.

why not throw-up on something pretty?

for one of my mommas-to-be, i thought a set of burp cloths was in order…that and some diapers!  once the little alien pops out and they are a bit settled into a routine i will see what else momma and baby could really use (maybe a blanket or bag or even more fashionable rags).  once the little tyke gets a bit bigger she might need some of these.

baby burp cloths

the sounds of texas in the middle east

So I’m in the Lone Star state again.  This time I’m here to visit family, eat a hell of a lot of good food, and party with my dad as he closes out a 37 year career in law enforcement in this area.  But he’s not quite ready to take up the rocking chair just yet.  He has one more big adventure planned before he decides to retire his sidearm (if any true Texas law man ever can!) 

He decided that he wanted to serve his country and at 57 he joined the Army.  Ok, he didn’t exactly join the army, but that’s what he likes to say.  He’s signed on to work for a private contractor that sends civilians with unique skills to Iraq and Afghanistan to aid the military in a variety of ways.  He will be going as an investigative expert and basically continue to solve crimes.  And he’ll do this for the next 12 months.  There’s obviously quite a few more details, but I’m still uncertain about how this new chapter will play out here in my little nook of cyberspace. 

But before he ships out we are having a big ol’ texas size retirement party complete with bar-b-que and good beer.  And I couldn’t show up down here empty handed.  Because my Pop is a music man (his own band is playing at his retirement party) I thought I would make him something he could use, especially with the gift my mom got him: The Martin Backpacker Guitar.  I couldn’t think of a better gift than that guitar.  I think the emotional value that a little music, entertainment and taste of home will bring to the battalion of soldiers he’s stationed with will far outweigh any monetary price or physical weight.  B & I have the backpacker guitar and we really like how light and portable the thing is.  That said, I decided to make a custom strap for the thing, and since Camo is the chic color palate this season in combat zones, I figured I would give in and go with the trend!

camo guitar strap

Looking at it now, I wish I had embroidered something special on it, but I guess I can always make a new one and send it to him at Christmas. 

It’s going to be a whole week of gifts.  I’m also working on a mini family look-book (to remind him just how crazy we all are and that he may want to reconsider coming home! )  I’m also celebrated two very good family friends who are going to be mommas and one of them real soon!  We’ve also got a formal ceremony to attend today at the court house and an informal office party on Friday and then the big kahuna on Sunday. 

Needless to say I’ll be busy and trying to get in as much quality time as possible.  He deploys on the 22nd of this month…just over a week now.