Weekend Scene

The hubs and I continued to celebrate our 10th Anniversary with dinner at our new favorite restaurant, Sparrow Bar + Cookshop.  I Suwannee!  It was delicious…which doesn’t adequately describe it.  But it wasn’t just the food; it was the entire experience.  We enjoyed a perfectly paced 5-course meal (over 2 hours!) infused with curious combinations and unexpected epicurean creations and upon being seated our waiter brought us a bottle of champagne — a gift from two very-classy, thoughtful friends.  I can’t wait to pay that one forward — what a fantastic surprise!

It seems like B is back in school again because he is spending so much time studying these days, but did you know in order to become a licensed architect it’s not enough to complete a degree you then have to take an exam for licensure.  Oh — or S E V E N exams.  He’s passed one already and has his second scheduled for two weeks, thus his nose being stuck in a book his computer.

We continued celebration on Sunday with a quick lunch with my Pop.  Good times.

And now on with the week…

Weekend June 15

weekend scene

It was a beautiful weekend!  The fam came over and we attended a baseball game (interestingly no picture though) and the hubs changed from winter to summer by shaving his beard.  I had a whole before and after in mind prior to him getting it done, but the place where he had a “straight blade shave” should have been called a butcher rather than barber.  He was bleeding so much post-shave that they sent him home with a towel!

Despite a little blood-shed, we really did have a great weekend. The park has some more interesting art displayed and it’ll soon be too hot to enjoy it whilst the sun is up.  We also had a friend over on Sunday and then sat outside and read for the long, sun-filled evening.

Middle May Weekend

smitten in the mitten

I’ve been a little MIA from this space (and my other one).  I’ve been wrapping up a couple of time-consuming clients and making a quick trip back to Michigan.  We just returned home (late!) Sunday night (actually early Monday) from a 48 hour trip that felt like we squeezed in a months worth of  activity.  The main reason for our visit though — to meet our nephew.  And we are hopelessly smitten with the little guy.  We caught him at just the right baby stage: 10 weeks.  Old enough to not be too floppy, but not yet teething or squirming.  He was perfect.  I tried to keep my cool around mom & pop, but really this is all I wanted to do!!!

I won’t be posting any pics of the little dude in this space (or any other public forum) respecting the wishes of his parents.  It’s actually a decision I highly respect.  Some time ago I (and his dad) read an article on a child’s digital footprint that they have no control over and subsequently how disturbing that can be for someone.  (If I can find it, I’ll footnote it later.) So darling nephew, you will control your on-line fate once you are old enough (and your parents are ready).  But it’s tough because that little nugget is SO CUTE!  For now though, I’m just glad that we all have iPhones so that we can have our own private photo sharing with stream sharing.

I miss him already.

New Family

weekend scene

The beach is a good idea anytime in my book.  Even when it’s sweater weather, the feel of the salt air on my skin is refreshing. My parents rented another cabin to celebrate my mom’s 60th birthday.  Although it wasn’t as rowdy as my Dad’s 60th, it was still a great time…with all the fixin’s!  It was the perfect way to say hello to the month of March!

Beach Weekend

Here we are at the same beach here, here, & here too!

Weekend Scene

It was such a long and wonderful weekend.  We packed in so much — and so much good food!  Let’s see… I cleaned my whole house, actually slept in on Saturday, enjoyed a jazz concert (& dinner!), read an entire book, spent a few hours at the studio, watched a Parks & Rec marathon (well just a 1/2 marathon | uh, hilarious by-the-way), and celebrated with my parents on their 41st anniversary!  January is finally off to a good start — I just can’t believe we end the week in February!

Jan 2014

a snowy start

What a way to start the year — freezing with a smile on my face!  I had not been back to the Mitten since Jan 2012 and that year, we had no snow until our last day and mostly balmy weather.  Well, this trip couldn’t have been more different.  It was the perfect weather for cross-country skiing, eating P-I-E, drinking hot tea, playing cards, and opening presents.  A great way to start the year indeed!

Michigan Vacation

onward and upward

Wow, what a week.  My dad is finally home and on the mend.  I think the entire family could use a good long sleep now.  Also, the hubs and I have been working hard every night at the studio (save last night though when we cut loose and partied with this guy).  There have also been some adjustments to our work schedules as well and we’re going to have to find a new rhythm.  Oh yeah… and the holidays are here.  I really wish that I could just cuddle up under a blanket (it’s freezing here!) and catch up on blogs, magazines, and movies.  But there is work to be done, parties to be planned, gifts to be purchased, and life to be lived.  And I’m looking forward to every bit of it!

AmyEWilsonEvergreen copy

In the mean time though, here are a few things that have caught my eye over the last couple of weeks:

My next book purchase.  I’m so excited to read it (thank you best-therapist-in-the-world).

Speaking of books, this one looks interesting too.

I found this after thinking of something special for the studio.  It just affirmed my idea.

Even our government is lazy with passwords.

I can feel a little less guilty shopping with these 7 companies.

And I probably shouldn’t be supporting these 90 companies.

I will fully support art though.

I found this article very interesting about a young New Zealand artist being compared to Nirvana.

Happy Weekend.

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