shooting film for the first time

One of my MANY exploits over the long weekend was to experiment with my paternal grandfather’s old Kodak Retina IIIC.  Because he took meticulous care of everything, it is in wonderful working condition.  Armed with a notebook and a good hat, off I went on Monday to shoot downtown during the brightest part of the day.  I used some old Fuji 200 35mm film, 24 exp.  Wow, what a big learning curve.  I was so glad I took notes on each frame so that when I got the prints back I instantly knew what I did wrong.  But this is a hobby not for the faint of heart; it was $10.22 to develop my 24 exposures (of which only 21 turned out???)  My dad seems to think that price is pretty comparable to what it has always been to develop film, but it was especially gut wrenching forking over the cash while standing under the sign that says, “digital prints: .10 each!” knowing that most of these are the equivalent of my sketchbook (not quite fire-starter material, but certainly not frame-worthy).

I really don’t think any of the shots are particularly noteworthy; and let’s hope for my subject’s sake that I’ll get faster as I go.  But it was a wonderful exercise and I hope to keep practicing (especially this weekend when I’m in New Orleans!)