weekend scene

We enjoyed our last weekend of freedom as B heads back for his final semester today. It was also another rainy, balmy, then freezing weird-weather kind of weekend. Saturday’s errands were spent in sandals while Sunday morning was the total opposite. On our way downtown at 6:30am the wind was blowing at 20mph, the temp was 40 degrees and it was raining buckets…all the while we were passing marathoners! I cannot imagine having to run in those conditions. I’m not sure what would have been worse: the temp, the wet, or the wall of wind! I am such a fair weather (or at least not cold weather) runner/jogger/walker.

My energy was clearly not spent doing the aforementioned activity; however, we did entertain a guest on Saturday and then met up with new friends for a delightful brunch on Sunday. It was actually an entire weekend of unexpected (and lovely) surprises, especially since B got a call for an interview (his first!) this week.

2013, you are starting out well indeed!

Jan Wknd

corners of my home

Even though we are trying to sell I am still changing the way things look around here.  I have been actually hanging things on the walls and continually changing the accessories on what few surface areas I have.  I recently acquired the oval painting from my Grandmother and thought the colors went well with what was going on in my bedroom.  And while in Chicago, I was able to snap a photo of the ferris wheel at navy pier which also involved the Red/Blue/Black theme.  With much anticipation I nailed the first hook into the wall and it did not turn to ash, so I added another frame to the mix.  Now that creative energy is spilling over to other parts of the house.  I’m hoping that Murphy’s Law applies and just when I get things hung in the right place, we’ll have to sell!  🙂

Oh, the second photo is of some lovely Gladys I picked up for $.99 (no kidding) that I think make such a dramatic statement.  I love fresh flowers.

Bedroom Art


centerpiece idea

I went to a wedding yesterday (I know, Friday wedding are weird to me too…especially when they are at 4:00.)  Anyway… bride, groom, vows, they’re married, go to the reception.   And although there was nothing unexpected about the whole ordeal, on the tables was a very lovely and unique centerpiece.  I’m not up on wedding extravaganza (or fancy party) details, so this is probably not be a new idea, but putting apples in the vase, I thought, was quite clever.  It added a lot of interest & height to the table w/o spending crazy money are “tall flowers”.  I’m not that crazy about the flower arrangement up top, but I definitely like the apple thing. (Oh, and it ended up at my house because I won the arrangement at my table… yea for me!)

Wedding centerpiece

a beautiful thought

It’s finally here. My last day of work. Tomorrow will end. I will grow. My sweet friend sent me a card this week with a great thought. She wrote me about a story she had recently heard that made her think of me. The quote was:

“Buddhists believe that sometimes when everything is in turmoil, it’s because something wonderful is ready to be born and that thing is distracting you so it can have some privacy during the birthing process.”

What a lovely idea. Although I do not have children, I know the birthing process is not only painful, stressful & glorious, but it can also seem down right indignant. At least that is, from my modest perspective. I love the idea that while I had so much of my energy purposefully, or not, focused on the immediate in front of my eyes, there was something wonderful & new being birthed behind closed doors without me having to participate in the messy details.

My wonderful something has been born and I can’t wait to embrace it upon my return.