a gift received

I love it when someone loves their gift as much as I loved making it — and then takes a picture and sends it to me!  My gal-pal immediately put her new African-bunting to good use on the shores of Lake Michigan.  I wish I was camping there again.  It is one of my most favorite campsites.  But thanks to my friend, I can live vicariously once again.  Nice shot, Fig!

a little decoration

Last weekend I couldn’t help myself and I made a little “happy” for my friend that is stuck in the woods with 15 campers!  I figured a little bunting could help brighten her tent or the dining area.  (I am jealous though that she is back in the same place we were in 2009.)  I used some of the fabric that she brought back for me from Tanzania in 2008.  It was a great, easy one-evening project.

i did what at 6am this morning?!

I can’t believe I did what I said I’d never do – I exercised in the morning!  I’ve really been trying to stay on the wagon with regular exercise.  I would like to get back to how I felt a year ago (I’m pretty close now… I just need better consistency.)  I knew I had a ton of running around to do after work today and would not go run after all those errands.  So I set my alarm for six A.M. and finally dragged myself out of bed at :10 after.  I had laid out everything I would need last night right at the foot of the bed so basically I just had to fall out of bed into my workout clothes.  I muttered and mumbled something to someone on my way out the door.  When I finally got to the track you would have thought it was downtown L.A.  There were so many people already doing this (and I thought I would be the only one to earn a badge!)  And much to my surprise I survived my measly little three miles.  I realized though at about mile 1.25 that I was awake; so who knows what I said or did before then — I cannot be held responsible for my actions prior to 8am!

Part of my running around this evening will be packing my bags because I’m headed to Bean-Town to hang with one of my besties!  I can’t wait to be back on the East Coast (I miss it tons)!  But I can’t say that I’m really looking forward to leaving my current 72 degree weather for 42 and raining.  But hey, I’ll take it if that means I get to hang with my girl!

Oh — the pavillion?  I just thought it was pretty much awesome and wishing we could lounge in one of these this weekend!  How o-mazing would this be in someone’s back yard — uh, cue the swanky lounge music!  We can all get one from here.


i like people who make things

…so it stands to reason then that I’m totally smitten with The Makers Project.  Take photographer extraordinaire Jennifer Causey capturing moments of the creative process of people who make things and I’m all in!  See for yourself…

{all images Jennifer Causey}

***And speaking of people making things — I have to give a major SHOUT OUT to one of my besties who is making the ultimate craft project: a baby!!!  Congratulations friend, I am beyond thrilled!


working staycation

I wish I was planning a trip to the Taj Mahal, but instead I’m staying a little closer to home.  One of my besties is coming into town this weekend and I can’t wait to show her the sights.  But in the mean time, the hubs and I have to finish my mother’s remodel tonight — new wood floor — woo who!

{my grandparents circa 1970}