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Ah! There is nothing like staying at home, for real comfort.  ― Jane Austen

A few weeks ago I posted over on Instagram that I was dreaming of a living room shakeup. I still love our tiny house; however, I miss being able to rearrange my furniture like a 13 year old girl changes her posters.  (Wait, did I just date myself?!)

So it was serendipitous timing when a lovely team member from Arhaus contacted me about putting together a living room mood board.  And although such a task can easily send me down an existential rabbit hole (I mean, who really even needs furniture…..or things?! #INTJproblems), I reigned it in and actually discovered something: I already own most of what I want for my “dream” living room, albeit I wouldn’t mind a sofa upgrade 😉

Since our house is only 760 sq ft the living room is the hub of our home, unlike the kitchen in most other modern homes.  It is also the literal center of our footprint; thus I obsess about it the most.  As Heston continues to develop and change, so does our current space.  And it will again and again to continue meeting the needs of our little family.  From the early colic days when I wanted nothing on the walls or floor or really anything visible that might remotely stimulate our little scream-machine to the current gallery wall and layered rug concoction that has kept us warm this winter, our living room is the heart of our home. And fortunately for me it is filled with things I love. (Maybe I should do a proper show and tell one day soon?) Until then, here is what is currently inspiring me:

Living Room Mood

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An Overdue Apartment Update

The hubs and I recently had ourselves a little staycation.  And as I’ve said a million times before, spring is the only season I’ll openly advocate for everyone to move here.  We thought we might head to Austin or even catch a last minute travel deal to Vegas, but why go somewhere else when it is the perfect time to hang out in the 4th largest city in the country.  Believe me, come August, I’ll be begging for strangers to take me in!

During this week of heavenly respite, we made a pact to treat our town as if we were seeing it with fresh eyes and go to places we wouldn’t normally go (i.e. Try New Restaurants Lazy!)  And eat we did!  We also visited the zoo, went shopping, drove down streets we don’t normally take, grilled outside, watched foreign films… treated it like it was all new…  from the comfort of our own home.  And there will be updates coming of our fun Houston adventures.  But we also took advantage of the free time to clean and organize our home.  (Don’t worry it’s a disaster again already.)  The hubs worked on a new (and amazing!) furniture project and I assessed our art situation and tried to remedy it myself (not happening any time soon!).  So although we are about to install a new major piece of furniture, I figured I’m always going to “soon get another piece of furniture”… thus, just take the picture already!  So here’s a little snapshot of the new arrangement.  But to see the full story, go here or click on Apartment Living up top there.

Apartment Update

Over on that other page, I’ve included links to my DIY hanging pendant, our handmade coffee table, an ikea hack, and a few other things! 

(another) ikea hack

I had the vision for these chairs before I even knew I could find the base so cheap *ahem* affordable.  First of all — chairs are not cheap people!  Seriously, a good dining chair is at least $100 and more like $150+ if you want something well designed.  And I have been in the market for multiple chairs for the studio.  Thank goodness for Ikea is all I have to say.  Once again, they completely delivered!  This fabulous little number is only $39 and completely versatile, and not too bad on the tush either.

The hack is super simple.  It involved a jar of mod podge (& sponge applicator), pictures from magazines or printed at home from the interwebs,  some scissors or an X-acto knife, and a little sandpaper to finish the edges.  I figured out my layout and then started gluing it all together.  Once dry I trimmed the edges with the knife and the put 9,000 layers of mod podge on top.  To finish I sanded down any rough edges and reapplied more mod podge.  It was all very decoupage-my-college-dorm-furniture-a-la-1996… and still just as fun!  I think I might just have to decoupage a few more things…

Ikea Chair Hack

**I feel that I must make a disclaimer that I was only comfortable using images from the internet because I knew these chairs were for my own personal use.  I would not advocate using someone else’s proprietary work for any resale. 

P.S.  Here is another simple Ikea Hack we did 2 years ago.

weekend diy

A few weekends ago while on one of my rampage cleanings, I decided to tackle our dilapidated Ikea Malm Dresser.  Ok, so really the hubs shored up the drawers, I just worked on the finish.  I thought about adding some hardware, but the design of drawers is such that you don’t need them; so why add a superfluous detail, right?  I used Mythic Paint in the shade of China White with a glossy finish.  I thought it would be a little more gray, but I’m happy with the way it turned out.

I also FINALLY got around to using my fabric and made some pillows for the couch.  Boy, when I’m on a roll, I’m on a ROLL…

not to brag, but…

…the hubs is terribly handy to have around.  I’ve sung his accolades before, and yet again he has gone above and beyond. Last fall some time I mentioned to him that I would like to have a different coffee table, so I started collecting ideas and soon a shape was born.  Actually the idea was there before I ever even knew it.  You see, for Brad’s birthday last year he treated himself to one of his most favorite activities: going to see the wood man.  The Wood Man is a gentleman who lives out in the sticks of Southeast Texas and collects all kinds of wood, mills it, and sells the boards.  (I guess it’s the equivalent of me walking into an amazing fabric store; you just sort of feel flooded with possibilities.)  Well the first round of wood ended up making beautiful suspended bookshelves, but for this special walnut, something else was needed.  This wood is called “sinker walnut” because it was at the bottom of the Sabine Lake for 50+ years.  And now, it sits between my two couches on a hand-welded tube steel frame.  (Yep, he welded the metal himself too!) For the finish, he sanded (and sanded, and sanded) and then used just a clear coat.  I love the finish and it’s amazing how the ends feel smooth like glass.  I particularly like how he decided to leave just an 1/8th of an inch reveal between the metal and the wood (a nice design touch if you will).

I absolutely love being married to someone who’s just as nuts as I am and when he looks at something, casually looks at me and says, “I’ll build that for you.”  Now if only he would let me put stuff on it…

traditionally modern

I’m not quite sure where the last 72hrs went… It got lost sometime between working out, doing a massive cleaning, organizing, games with the family, shopping for a new dress, and a brief storm yesterday that knocked out power for a while.

But somewhere in there I had time to peruse the internet and came across the best furniture.  I am in LOVE with the work of Casa Midy founders Jorge and Anne Marie.  They’ve created beautiful furniture that embraces traditional shapes or textures with a modern interpretation — all made with love and fine craftmanship in Mexico.   My dream home/space is filled with their aesthetic.

One day, one day…