sweet dreams

I love that I have vivid dreams.  I had another really weird dream last night.  It involved a variety of folks: friends from my past, present, and a few TV shows!  My sister’s childhood bedroom, where I was sleeping, had the window open and people were walking by like it was a drive through — on foot — to go into a movie theater.  It keeps getting more and more strange, but it doesn’t compare to some I’ve had in the past.  Some of those include it RAINING ANIMALS (alligators and hippos specifically) and another dream I remember from my adolescence was that I turned my sister into a snickers bar and then days later I was hungry and ate said bar only to realize it was her after the fact!  I recently dreamed I was pregnant and my water broke after having to mitigate a situation with two neighbor girls who had someone after them.  I used to have a reoccurring dream as a child too, but I can’t remember many details now.  I find dreams fascinating and particularly dream interpretation, but I haven’t found a consistent resource for it.  I tend to just google dream interpretation and go from there.  I really love the idea that my subconscious can communicate with my conscious mind; here’s hoping it reveals something good and interesting!

my side your side pillows

Love these pillow cases (for sale here) because this is definitely the rule in our bed!

the three c’s

I love that the hubs has his priorities straight.  His parents gave us very clever christmas gifts — gift cards from a local grocery store!  Whereas I might take a year (sometimes more!) to think about how I’ll use my card, B promptly went out and purchased the most important items: coffee, chocolate, and cheese.  *Sigh*


Why can’t cheese be a vegetable?!

(another) handmade holiday

I love that my best friend in the world, the love of my life, is just as crazy as I am.  (I’ve always said, it’s why we work.)  We are makers.  If it can be made, we’re going to attempt it.  His projects are usually larger than mine, but occasionally, I’ll tackle something big too (remember this attic bathroom shower?)  The holidays (and birthdays) provide the perfect platform for us to exercise our insanity.  This year I made a few personalized items for my recipient, but I spent some time this year making my own wrapping paper.  I used regular mixed media paper 14 x 17 sheets and basic acrylic paint.  And since I didn’t have near as many packages to wrap this year (as opposed to last year), it was totally doable in one afternoon.

The hubs however, has had his project in the making for about a year.  While we were off the grid last year in West Texas, he busied himself by hand harvesting a few limbs of Wild Texas Persimmon. He then learned how to turn that wood into beautiful tools of the civilized world.  He made a few pens, pencils, and stylus’.  I think they are beautiful.  The persimmon has unknown markings with each piece you turn and it just so happened that the stylus for his mother had a beautiful black mark, almost like it was painted there.  It was perfect.

He’s so handy.  (And handsome to boot!)

Handmade Holiday 2012


I finally got around to making a batch of creme brulee, and oh my!  I had almost forgotten just how much I LOVE this stuff.  My sis gave the hubs a really nice starter set a few years ago.  It included 4 ramekins, torch, fuel, and recipe book.  Although the book includes tons of alternate flavors and culinary additions, I still like the good old plain burnt creme.  But I did see one made with Eggnog… that I might have to try.

Creme Brulee

concrete planter DIY

This had to be one of the easiest DIY’s we’ve done in a long time.  We actually made it over two weekends though, instead of just one.  We mixed and poured two weekends ago, and then finally pulled it apart this past weekend.

Step 1. Mix the concrete.  We used one of these Quikrete products (the hubs would have to specify  which one– who knew they had so many?!)

Step 2. Pour wet mixture into a form.  For this we used a milk carton and a smaller whipping creme carton.  We used tape to help hold the shape.

Step 3. Once it dries (times will vary depending on the mixture) pull it apart.

Step 4 (and 4 1/2).  Admire your work.  I honestly had no idea it wasn’t going to have a level top.  I thought we did enough banging and shaking to have everything level off.  But oh well.

Step 5. Give those rough edges a quick rub with some sandpaper.

Step 6. Fill with your desired contents.  This little gem was going to be home for a succulent the hubs brought home some weeks ago.

This was so easy to make I can see giving these out as gifts, especially a housewarming gift.  (Here is another succulent container I made for my sis.)

simple succulents

I am totally smitten with succulents right now.  I have mentioned before my inability to sustain anything green beyond a week; thus succulents are right in my wheelhouse as they can survive longer than most of my attempts at killing nurturing them.  But these little guys went to my sister for her new office space and she kindly placed them out front for all to see.  But I think I really enjoyed most hunting for the perfect vessel to house those little green guys.  The silver was an antique bowl I picked up at a local antique store for $5 and the white one was part of a broken sugar-bowl set from Target.  I like how they contrast nicely with the black console table as well as with the other modern/antique elements she has working in her office.  I guess I’ll have to take some photos of that space some time soon…

handmade holiday — part 3

The packages…  I used all scrap material: grocery sacks, twine, newsprint, tree trimmings, ribbon, paper clips, and a hole punch.  There is even an upcycled pastry sack and Freebirds to-go sack!  The tree trimmings were free from Whole Foods (which is where most of the grocery sacks came from).  And I was so proud of myself for FINALLY using Martha Stewart wrapping paper (*confession — I’ve had it for FOUR years!). However, these packages didn’t stay pretty for very long…