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How To Move Succesfully

Moving Tips

As I said earlier, we really had a super-successful move into our new little house.  Not only is this because we hired the best movers ever (3-Men Movers), but I think it’s because I have a little OCD had my act together and I’ve learned a few things in the 10+ times that I’ve moved.

So here are my 11 Best Moving Tips for an efficient and hassle-free move:


An Overdue Apartment Update

The hubs and I recently had ourselves a little staycation.  And as I’ve said a million times before, spring is the only season I’ll openly advocate for everyone to move here.  We thought we might head to Austin or even catch a last minute travel deal to Vegas, but why go somewhere else when it is the perfect time to hang out in the 4th largest city in the country.  Believe me, come August, I’ll be begging for strangers to take me in!

During this week of heavenly respite, we made a pact to treat our town as if we were seeing it with fresh eyes and go to places we wouldn’t normally go (i.e. Try New Restaurants Lazy!)  And eat we did!  We also visited the zoo, went shopping, drove down streets we don’t normally take, grilled outside, watched foreign films… treated it like it was all new…  from the comfort of our own home.  And there will be updates coming of our fun Houston adventures.  But we also took advantage of the free time to clean and organize our home.  (Don’t worry it’s a disaster again already.)  The hubs worked on a new (and amazing!) furniture project and I assessed our art situation and tried to remedy it myself (not happening any time soon!).  So although we are about to install a new major piece of furniture, I figured I’m always going to “soon get another piece of furniture”… thus, just take the picture already!  So here’s a little snapshot of the new arrangement.  But to see the full story, go here or click on Apartment Living up top there.

Apartment Update

Over on that other page, I’ve included links to my DIY hanging pendant, our handmade coffee table, an ikea hack, and a few other things! 

DIY pendant light (step by step photos)

It starts like this…




Drill (forever without a diamond tip — only 5 minutes with!) | Run the cord through new hole.

DIY Pendant Light How To

Wire the socket.

DIY Pendant Light How To (2)

Test said socket.  (Yeah — it worked!)


Pull electrical cord to the top and start to wrap with favorite colored twine/thread/etc. (I just glued the end)

Pendant Light Materials

Hang and admire.

DIY Pendant Light How To

a bright idea — DIY pendant light


A few weeks ago at a quick pop into High Fashion Home, I spotted a pendant light that I thought I could hack.  A few craft stores later, we have a light. Ok, so it wasn’t that easy, but it wasn’t as difficult as we I thought it might be.  We the hubs just needed to have a lot of patience using a drill bit for glass and tile that was NOT a diamond tip.  (Have I ever mentioned just how cheap we can be?!)  But instead of taking 5 minutes to drill through the glass it took just over an hour.  No kidding.  (So maybe it would have worth my his time to pay the $25 difference?!)

Regardless, it’s done and it was relatively cheap.  The glass jar was $10 (with a Michaels coupon), the light socket was $4, the (extra thick) cord was $8, and I already had the hot pink construction cord.  We also spent $6 on the now-questionable drill bit.  So for around $30 we made ourselves a pretty niffty knock-off.

Tomorrow I’ll post the photo step-by-step.

split personality

Split Personality - Home Decor

pillows | chair

I am continually amazed at my own extremes. I know that I can be a bit of an all or nothing personality and that often carries over into my aesthetic choices as well. A recent trip into Ten Thousand Villages reminded me just how much I love the look of bohemian, worldly items. They feel inviting, playful, and adventurous. (Hell, I walked out with a singing bowl!) However, a quick peek into Design Within Reach and I’m shunning anything with trim and superfluous details. Clean, minimal, and modern mean intelligent and intentional.

I know it’s all about balance. And the two items above would actually complement one another beautifully (in my mind). But often, for whatever reason, I feel like I can’t have both. I have to have one OR the other. I wonder where that comes from? But this is clearly not a new concept as I keep writing about it time and time again (maybe I should make it a regular thing?!) See more of my crazy with geography, shoes, hair, & vacations. And I’ll continue to strive for that perfect balance…

this is my crazy

Have I ever mentioned that I’m a crazy person?  It’s obvious to some (ok, most) but it is acutely evidenced when I decide to do things like completely rearrange my house two days before I leave for a 10-day vacation.  And when I say completely rearrange, I mean, it looks like we just moved in but forgot to pack our stuff in boxes.  Our shit is everywhere!

I’m slowly trying to make sense of it all, but we are both in a purging mood.  This time it also includes furniture.  I think we are going to finally go down to one couch.  I mean, who really needs to two couches in a 660 sq ft apartment?!  (Well, it’s not out the door yet!) But we are also purging clothes, our personal archives, and tons of office and craft architecture school stuff.  What really needs to be on the chopping block though is our 4+  rubbermaids of camping/backpacking/climbing gear.  We haven’t been camping (sans RV) in nearly 4 years now!  (This should be rectified as soon as possible indeed!)

But part of our commitment to “be here now” and to stop living like we’re always in transition is to well… be here now.  And while we’re in Texas, I guess I don’t need to own THREE down coats.  *insert forehead slap*  Yes, three.  We also don’t want to change out our old “stuff” for just new(er) stuff.  So, we’re trying to make what we have work, but also shed a few things that are weighing us down.  Especially since this new living arrangement is pretty indefinite (for the first time ever!)

So, as we try to rebuild Rome around here, I’m having to constantly remind myself (again) that it is never built in a day… and stuff is just stuff.


(This is just 4 of about 400 different layouts we tried on paper.  And how it’s all currently settled… didn’t even make it onto a single one of our paper house dolls!)

sweet dreams

I love that I have vivid dreams.  I had another really weird dream last night.  It involved a variety of folks: friends from my past, present, and a few TV shows!  My sister’s childhood bedroom, where I was sleeping, had the window open and people were walking by like it was a drive through — on foot — to go into a movie theater.  It keeps getting more and more strange, but it doesn’t compare to some I’ve had in the past.  Some of those include it RAINING ANIMALS (alligators and hippos specifically) and another dream I remember from my adolescence was that I turned my sister into a snickers bar and then days later I was hungry and ate said bar only to realize it was her after the fact!  I recently dreamed I was pregnant and my water broke after having to mitigate a situation with two neighbor girls who had someone after them.  I used to have a reoccurring dream as a child too, but I can’t remember many details now.  I find dreams fascinating and particularly dream interpretation, but I haven’t found a consistent resource for it.  I tend to just google dream interpretation and go from there.  I really love the idea that my subconscious can communicate with my conscious mind; here’s hoping it reveals something good and interesting!

my side your side pillows

Love these pillow cases (for sale here) because this is definitely the rule in our bed!

what the hex?

So I was perusing my Pinterest boards the other day and I saw a *bit* of a trend.  Do you think I’m into hexagons or what?!  Clearly geometric shapes are the “in” thing right now; I just didn’t realize how ubiquitous they were on my boards.  But what’s not to love about all these dreamy objects?  The links can be found below…

What the HEX

{1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13}

weekend scene

What a weekend.  It was here and then gone in the blink of an eye; however, Thursday seems like it was a month ago rather than just 5 days.  The hubs’ open house was a huge success and the store where they had their opening actually wanted to purchase more!  I could not have been more proud.  It’s wonderful to see a semester’s worth of hard work pay off.

We then had so much to do on Friday as well.  (The day of course broken open with the horrible news out of Connecticut.)  With Christmas fast approaching we had lots of errands to run, packages to prepare and gifts to make.  We also had 3 different Christmas parties to attend on 3 different nights!  So party we did.  And yet somehow, I feel like we didn’t make much progress this weekend.

But after this week we’ll be like new people as B has his last deadline to meet on Wednesday at midnight and I will have my last day of work for the year on Thursday!!!  Four more days — but who’s counting!

Dec Weekend Scene