losing the ‘tude

One might say that I carry around a bit of an attitude from time to time.  Well these sporadic moments seem to be reoccurring with a bit more frequency.  While the hubs and I were out for a run last week we started discussing our current life situation.  And although things may not be our ideal right now, things really aren’t that bad.  In fact, things are pretty good — it just depends on our perspective.  So we’ve decided to start holding one another accountable and keeping our ‘tudes in check.  Two months ago we started this trend by each writing in a journal five things we are grateful for before we hit the sack.  This practice has helped us be more mindful throughout the day of the little things that make our life better.  It also helps get to me a good place before I fall asleep rather than reeling about the day or personal problems that no doubt are going to prompt the end of the world.

I’ve seen a video going around the internet that I think perfectly captures my new efforts and ideal attitude.  If I could get to where this girl is, then things would definitely be o.k.

happy memories

My recent artistic adventures have me pining away for my childhood memories of the lovely Bob Ross.  I remember watching him on PBS; I would sit through entire episodes.  His paintings were better than magic because somehow you got to see how he did it.  Or– it was that I was in some sort of a conscious-coma being lulled into this half-sleep by his hypnotic voice laced with subliminal messages every time he said the word happy.  Either way, it was a good time.

I may just have to add his “starter kit” to my (not-so-realistic) wish list.  Move over Monet — happy trees are taking over!

people are crazy…

…and I mean crazy!  Seriously.

I just about fell out of my chair laughing.  I completely embarrassed myself at work trying to stifle a gut-busting laugh.  Click on this story.  The first one is lame.  But by the time I read human-cat I was hooked.  (These just can’t be real.  People can’t be this way.  Really)


You know you should quit your job when… (pt. 1)

…your boss walks by your desk, pauses, looks you up and down to take in your well accessorized outfit and then duplicitously says, “Do you have something special today or did you wear that just for us?”  As the question of course baffles you, you then respond confused, “no… I… don’t…?”  She then retorts condescending, “Hm! Lucky Us.”