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what the hex?

So I was perusing my Pinterest boards the other day and I saw a *bit* of a trend.  Do you think I’m into hexagons or what?!  Clearly geometric shapes are the “in” thing right now; I just didn’t realize how ubiquitous they were on my boards.  But what’s not to love about all these dreamy objects?  The links can be found below…

What the HEX

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not to brag, but…

…the hubs is terribly handy to have around.  I’ve sung his accolades before, and yet again he has gone above and beyond. Last fall some time I mentioned to him that I would like to have a different coffee table, so I started collecting ideas and soon a shape was born.  Actually the idea was there before I ever even knew it.  You see, for Brad’s birthday last year he treated himself to one of his most favorite activities: going to see the wood man.  The Wood Man is a gentleman who lives out in the sticks of Southeast Texas and collects all kinds of wood, mills it, and sells the boards.  (I guess it’s the equivalent of me walking into an amazing fabric store; you just sort of feel flooded with possibilities.)  Well the first round of wood ended up making beautiful suspended bookshelves, but for this special walnut, something else was needed.  This wood is called “sinker walnut” because it was at the bottom of the Sabine Lake for 50+ years.  And now, it sits between my two couches on a hand-welded tube steel frame.  (Yep, he welded the metal himself too!) For the finish, he sanded (and sanded, and sanded) and then used just a clear coat.  I love the finish and it’s amazing how the ends feel smooth like glass.  I particularly like how he decided to leave just an 1/8th of an inch reveal between the metal and the wood (a nice design touch if you will).

I absolutely love being married to someone who’s just as nuts as I am and when he looks at something, casually looks at me and says, “I’ll build that for you.”  Now if only he would let me put stuff on it…

go towards the light

My mom and I are both looking for new pendant lights; so unfortunately my Pinterest page is becoming full of them.  The light I’m looking for is for over our table (under the bed) because the new bookshelf has blocked the only light bulb for that area.  I was thinking glass since it would sort-of be in the middle of everything, thus giving the illusion of transparency.  Most of these are a bit out of my price range, but they have served as some serious DIY inspiration.  Who knows what in the world we’ll come up with.  And for the record, six is my favorite.

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