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An Overdue Apartment Update

The hubs and I recently had ourselves a little staycation.  And as I’ve said a million times before, spring is the only season I’ll openly advocate for everyone to move here.  We thought we might head to Austin or even catch a last minute travel deal to Vegas, but why go somewhere else when it is the perfect time to hang out in the 4th largest city in the country.  Believe me, come August, I’ll be begging for strangers to take me in!

During this week of heavenly respite, we made a pact to treat our town as if we were seeing it with fresh eyes and go to places we wouldn’t normally go (i.e. Try New Restaurants Lazy!)  And eat we did!  We also visited the zoo, went shopping, drove down streets we don’t normally take, grilled outside, watched foreign films… treated it like it was all new…  from the comfort of our own home.  And there will be updates coming of our fun Houston adventures.  But we also took advantage of the free time to clean and organize our home.  (Don’t worry it’s a disaster again already.)  The hubs worked on a new (and amazing!) furniture project and I assessed our art situation and tried to remedy it myself (not happening any time soon!).  So although we are about to install a new major piece of furniture, I figured I’m always going to “soon get another piece of furniture”… thus, just take the picture already!  So here’s a little snapshot of the new arrangement.  But to see the full story, go here or click on Apartment Living up top there.

Apartment Update

Over on that other page, I’ve included links to my DIY hanging pendant, our handmade coffee table, an ikea hack, and a few other things! 

creating a gallery wall

Because Rome is being rebuilt day by day around here, I have been looking for inspiration new gallery walls.  Our art/photography collection is not extensive, but we own a few things with sentimental value more than anything, and I’d like to hang them.  And because it’s all such a hodge-podge, I’ve been looking for a tasteful way to display it.  I really like the four walls below, each for different reasons.  But maybe we need to invest (or I just need to create!) a singular large piece?  We’ll see…

Gallery Wall Inspiration

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the best bargain in brooklyn


Well one of the best travel decisions I’ve ever made was to take a risk on seemingly unorthodox accommodations and, well, it paid off big time!  We stayed at the wonderfully curious 3B Bed and Breakfast | The Downtown Brooklyn Bed and Breakfast.  Succinctly put: location, charm, & price.

The staff was genuinely warm and hospitable, allowing us to drop our bags for a very early (11am) check-in.  Although our cab driver questioned the address because it is a primarily commercial street, I knew I was in the right place when one of the owners answered the door in his socks.

The 3rd floor walk-up was a wonderful home away from home while we were busy coming and going (i.e. changing clothes) for all wedding festivities.  I really did feel like I was staying in someone’s home.  This is not five-star luxury, but rather the thoughtful curation of a few clever late 20/early 30 somethings to meet the needs of the world-weary gadabout.  (Including the most delicious locally sourced chocolates for your room.)

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3B Bedroom Queen