weekend scene

What weekend?!  That’s totally not true.  I was fortunate enough to spend Friday cleaning and reading and relaxing before Saturday’s whirlwind wedding extravaganza.  One of B’s colleagues was getting hitched and the weather could not have been more spectacular for them.  But it was pretty much an all-day affair, ending with quite the reception.  Say what you will about this “millenial generation”, but one thing is for sure — they know how to party!  The wedding reception consisted of THREE food trucks on site and a rolling photobooth.  I was glad to get the extra hour on Saturday evening for sure.

And Sunday was full of the usual activities and the weather was so nice that we took the top down on the jeep and rolled around town with our faces in the healing sun!  I finally finished up the edits for a photoshoot I did a week ago Friday and now I’ve got a brochure I’m working on for another business.  And I’m hoping that my studio space will be ready to move into this week.  Fingers crossed…

November Weekend 2013

weekend scene

It was about as Fall as it gets in Southeast Texas this weekend.  But that made for perfect weather for cleaning out a packed attic!  But I managed to squeeze in a few antique shops and shockingly held off from purchasing that little gem of a typewritter.  (Only because it was over-priced!)

After being away for the night, I came home Saturday evening to a little backyard magic.  I have the best husband, really.  We enjoyed grilling and eating outside under some twinkle lights.  And we the hubs also tried a dessert recipe in our saladmaster electric skillet and although I did not think it was as tasty as my peach cobbler — it sure went down easy.

On Sunday afternoon we decided to go for a little bike ride so I could put up more flyers for my writing studio, but alas, our efforts were thwarted as the new gears we just put on our (clearly old) bikes decided to quit.  Luckily we were just a mile from home, so our bike ride turned into a nice walk.

I’ve got two writing workshops and a photoshoot coming up this week….and looking forward to it.  I’m so grateful for my life!

October Weekend 2013


weekend scene

Finally… back to “normal”.  (Well what exactly is normal around here?!)  Apparently normal is having the hubs surprise me with flowers in an unexpected place (my jeep! and filling it up for me! I hate having to stop for gas!)  Not so normal is eating out at a favorite restaurant… but it was delicious.  They have in fact changed their name, but the menu is the basically the same.  Lucky for us!  We also spent most of Saturday running errands looking for materials to make/build more furniture and to complete this mess of a project we started 4 weeks ago.  And part of that clean-up effort also included hanging some much needed curtains for our new closet.  Brad says that our new closet looks like a boutique retail store… and I can’t disagree or say that I don’t like it.  It’s not necessarily better than where/what it was before, it’s just different.  And we needed something different.  Because different is normal around here….

July Weekend Scene

weekend scene

Packed!  We didn’t stop from Thursday evening until early this morning.  And because of a cold snap that came through, waking up to an apartment that was 62 degrees was not conducive to an expedient morning routine this morning!  The hubs is in I’m-finishing-my-thesis-in-30-days-crisis mode, but he still managed to squeeze in some time for me.  Part of that included spending four hours Friday night (starting at 9pm!) rearranging our place.  After we moved it all, I concluded that we had already found the best possible solution… so we moved it all back!  Ugh-o.

We gabbed with my sis over brunch on Saturday and then stayed indoors due to the gloomy-ish weather.  But not for long.  We were invited to take a dinner break for some free BBQ (and really, who can pass that up?!) and then B returned to staring at his computer screen for another 8 hours while I did who knows what. (Read, surfed the interwebs, enjoyed staring at my clean house… you know, the usual.)

Then on Sunday we had a beautiful Palm Sunday service then shared lunch with some friends.  And since I could again only see the top of B’s head and hear the faint “click, click, click” of his mouse, I treated myself to a little photo-walk in my neighborhood.  The sky was clear and cool by Sunday evening and so decided to think/act like a tourist and practice my picture taking.  I still need to sort through those, edit, etc., but I’m sure they’ll turn up here soon.

Another wonderful weekend for the books….

Spring Weekend

saturday brunch || amazing azaleas || somebody got a haircut!

weekend scene


What a weekend!  We spent half of the day on Friday discovering the Museum of Natural Science.  I haven’t been since I was in high school and it was so much fun.  I’m so glad that the hubs and I are compatible museum partners, but we almost ran out of time.  My favorite part was of course all the pretty rocks. I kept saying, “Why didn’t I become a geologist?!”  It’s also a really magical experience to walk through the butterfly wing of the museum. There are hundreds of butterflies floating around in a room with a waterfall that’s kept at 80 degrees with 80 percent humidity every single day.  For those folks that need eternal summer, it’s a good spot to escape to.

The rest of the weekend consisted of an early birthday celebration for the hubs (more to come), a party for a friend who shares B’s birthday, taxes, organizing our file cabinet, ironing a PILE of clean laundry, and watching a cinemax series “Hunted“.  (I thought it was just a notch above *meh* in retrospect.)  It was also amazing weather again, so I put in some serious miles and my body is paying for it today.  I didn’t think I could still be sore from running, but I am!

And now I’m looking forward to the week ahead…

weekend scene

Weekend Scene Mar 9

The weekend started right by sharing a meal with my sis and her hubs at a fantastic Mexican restaurant.  Little Miss here enjoyed herself some nice red sangria (1.) and delicious tuna tacos (2.).  I cannot stress how DELICIOUS they were.  The rest of the weekend wasn’t exactly uneventful, just not photo-worthy.  I spent much of my time in dressing rooms (3.).  I’m currently on the hunt for a wedding outfit and I have tried on more things than I own.  I’m at one of those stages where I think nothing looks right and/or if I do like it, it’s not the right color.  All is not lost though; I have yet to venture into a department store.  I’m sure Nordstroms will come through for me though.  But I’ll save that for next weekend.

weekend scene

The Indigo Girls said it best when they penned the song, Southland in the Springtime.  Good weather can change everything, even the hardest of hearts stuck in Houston traffic.

We took the opportunity to try to kill our plants from scratch… or rather, plant a few seeds and try a science experiment.  (Ever since our adventures in green onions, we’re feeling like a couple of farmers over here! *Ahem*)

Really plant life was just the tip of the iceberg around this house.  We shared dinner with a friend on Friday, so that meant I got most of my chores done early in the weekend.  Saturday we did a little birthday shopping as both our siblings will celebrate this week (on the same day even!) I’m deep into the thick of it with 3 books… making headway on each, surprisingly… and we even had time to fit in a wacky Netflix movie.

We also took the time to plant a few creative seeds as well that we’ll need to nurture to see if it will grow into something wonderful…lots of mental energy was dedicated to that endeavor.  We’ll see what comes of it all…

Spring Weekend