weekend scene

From city lights to country nights — the theme of our weekend.  As mentioned earlier, the Pink concert was amazing — from the opening BANG until the final curtain — that woman is an entertainer!  We then switched gears and packed our bags for a retreat outside the city.  We were certainly out of our comfort zone as we were with a group of new-to-us people, but this introvert survived the 36 hours of attendance (and participation).  It proved to be a thought-provoking time together and I’ll continue to reflect on the things that were discussed.  My run on Saturday morning was really chilly at only 45 degrees, but the rest of the day turned out beautifully.  And then we were gifted a spectacular sunset that we would have certainly missed inside the city limits.  And now I can’t believe we’ll say good-bye to February this week!

City Lights Country Nights

weekend scene

It felt like it was a really long weekend, although it was still three days as usual.  I think it was because the weather was so nice and we packed so much in that we fell in bed Sunday night with a long sigh.  We had a wonderful spontaneous lunch date on Friday at the MFA.  I must have been the only person in town not to know that later that weekend the museum would be the site of Michael Jordan’s 50th birthday bash!  There were celebrity sightings all weekend, but I was oblivious.  While the rest of town was living it up, I was making good progress on a two books, cleaning out an entire file cabinet, going on no less than 3 runs, lunching with the sis and catching up on some much needed TV time — thank you Walking Dead!  Looking forward to the week ahead.

February Weekend

weekend scene

We indulged on our last weekend before Lent.  (That might be an understatement.)   We started the weekend extravaganza at one of our favorite food trucks — Rice Box, ahhh, comforting American-style Chinese fare.  I then spent Friday with my Aunt north of the city.  She took me to one of her favorite fancy grocery stores for perusing and afternoon coffee-ing.  (It reminded me lots of a favorite Chicago shop.)  Saturday was spent cleaning, organizing, and painting again.  I have really enjoyed my efforts at painting — only abstract art mind you.  I’m terrible… but I’m learning.  I enjoy seeing how the colors mix and how different brushes (and other tools) make unique shapes.  I’m determined to get better.  If I was smart I’d sign up for a class somewhere, but alas, the internet is my only teacher right now.  I also started a new book totally expecting to not really get into it… well, too bad work is getting in the way because I’m a third of the way into it and I want to finish it by next Sunday.

I am so grateful for my free time — to spend how I like.  It is a luxury I hope to never take for granted.


weekend scene

The weekend was long and full.  We attended a wonderful jazz festival, grilled outdoors, painted, ran (twice!), homework(ed), started a new book, researched, laughed, cried, smiled, prayed, shopped, and so much more!  We have some changes going on around these parts, and more will unfold over the next few months; for now, we are readjusting our sails and finding the horizon.  I seem to be bursting with some anxious feelings creative energy but I’m not sure of the medium to which it will manifest  — I guess that is part of the mystery.

In the words of Louis Armstrong, “what a wonderful world” indeed.

Jazz Weekend

weekend scene

Finally, a Texas-winter kind of weekend: sunny and 60’s.  On the agenda was: working out (ugh-o!), hanging out with the sis and the hubs, running lots of errands, a few movies, a little reading, and some light cleaning…for good measure.  I think my favorite part was sitting outside enjoying delicious soup, the sunshine, and good conversation.  I would not mind repeating that a few more times…

Jan Weekend Scene

both | and

As I drove into work Monday morning the sky was so strange and interesting that I had to snap a photo.  Too bad this little iphone photo doesn’t do it much justice (thankfully I was more focused on driving!).  The sky was split right down the middle.  To the north and west was a perfect blue sky, pushing into what was an entire wall of clouds to the south and east.  I don’t know that I’ve ever noticed clouds like that, with a perfect seam.  What also interested me was that this intersection was not violent; there were no thunderstorms making way for clearer skies.  They both just seem to co-exist and allowed me to drive concurrently with the divide.

As I drove along/under this weather anomaly, I listened to the weekend’s stories about the Connecticut shooting punctuated with Christmas interludes.  Paradox.

The holidays in general always seem to have such forced ‘happiness’ (i.e. consumerism) that it’s all too easy for my inner cynic to rear her mouthy head and to be grumpy about unmet expectations; simultaneously however, spontaneous acts of generosity, love and authenticity pepper my advent days.  Paradox.

This is the reality in which I live, in which we all live: murder and compassion, grief and joy, consumerism and truth.

I sometimes think living in an “either | or” kind of world would be easier; but “both | and” has it’s place.  I guess my lesson is that I need to remember that I (and others!) am constantly experiencing the paradox — and to embrace it rather than try to have an all or nothing attitude.  This is a good reminder as we prepare to enter the darkest day of the year, the winter solstice, while also embracing the coming Light of December 25.


weekend scene

What a weekend.  It was here and then gone in the blink of an eye; however, Thursday seems like it was a month ago rather than just 5 days.  The hubs’ open house was a huge success and the store where they had their opening actually wanted to purchase more!  I could not have been more proud.  It’s wonderful to see a semester’s worth of hard work pay off.

We then had so much to do on Friday as well.  (The day of course broken open with the horrible news out of Connecticut.)  With Christmas fast approaching we had lots of errands to run, packages to prepare and gifts to make.  We also had 3 different Christmas parties to attend on 3 different nights!  So party we did.  And yet somehow, I feel like we didn’t make much progress this weekend.

But after this week we’ll be like new people as B has his last deadline to meet on Wednesday at midnight and I will have my last day of work for the year on Thursday!!!  Four more days — but who’s counting!

Dec Weekend Scene

weekend scene

What a productive weekend!  It started off with a bang on Thursday evening and didn’t stop until last night.  But I really don’t have many photos to show for it.  I spend the first part of the weekend cutting out our Christmas cards — I’m pretty pumped about this year’s design, as the hubs and I truly collaborated and both used our creative skills to make this one a fun one.  (Granted, we keep saying that most folks are just going to look at it, smirk and say, “they’re so weird.”  But it’s true; we are!)  I then spent a good portion of the weekend locked down on the couch, laptop at hand, working on another poster/flyer/graphic design thing-y for our church.  It has been so wonderful to learn a new program (the hubs might disagree!)  Instead of doing everything (and I mean everything) in Photoshop; I’ve now done two projects in Illustrator.  And as much as it pains me so say it, I really like it.  (But it is still frustrating that there aren’t even MORE similarities between the two programs.)  I even dipped my toes into InDesign; yikes!  I also needed to create our return address labels and a photo-esque gift for a young couple who was recently married.  Then on Saturday my sis asked me to create her some labels for her Christmas gifts this year!  I’m honored she would think my design skills are worthy as her gift baskets always give Martha Stewart a run for her money.  Hopefully I’ll pin-up a few of these recent design items in this space — if I can get over the vulnerability of it all…

December Working Weekend