making it work

It might just have to be a little D.I.Y. weekend.  We just got some new fabric for throw pillows — I totally went in the opposite direction of neon pop (but we might add it later).  You’ve got to love it when High Fashion Home has $65 a yard fabric on sale for <$10/yd!  For some reason I haven’t managed to snap a photo of it yet.  I also picked up some fabric for this piece of furniture that I have yet to reveal!  The new place seems to be coming together.  We’re really trying to get things settled as our in-laws will arrive in two weeks.  Eeek!

And if there is time I may have to try a little D.I.Y. jewelry.  I can’t believe I just found the blog Honestly…WTF.  They have the best tutorials out there!!!  Can’t wait to try it all… Have a great weekend folks!

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wish listing

It’s inevitable.  With Thanksgiving just over a week away, the devils of the ad world are out to capture my soul.  And I always eventually succumb to the shiny penny.  I hate that.  I hate that it’s ingrained in me to start compiling a list of things I want the cooler the weather becomes.  And I hate that my barometer for what I really want starts to fall askew this time of year too.  I maybe need to collect and organize my thoughts on the subject rather than just verbally vomit here.

But when there are things out there that are this pretty, just how am I supposed to resist?!  I love the entire collection of Fay Andrada, but especially these bracelets.

And how ’bout this awesome hairstyle?  I wish I had tried something like this while it was super-short as of a few weeks ago.  But, it’s already grown out past this stage.

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I just came across the most lovely blog: Happiness Is… One of the many posts that caught my eye was a little fashion DIY.  (She spotted the original from the very hip Jazzi McG here.)  I am very intrigued by this eye-catching accessory and it looks easy enough to make, but I just have a feeling that it would look so “hollie hobby-ish” or too costume-y if I tried to pull it off.  But maybe some adaptation… less bling… more bling…. not sure yet.  In the mean time, hat’s off to those ladies who can really rock it.

{all photos courtesy of Jazzi McG}