kitty love

the longest night…

as i sit here on the couch and type, my littlest kitty is lying in the hospital receiving a blood transfusion.

we went to a different vet and finally got a correct diagnosis yesterday, but by the time i came home from work today, i knew something was terribly wrong.  so we went to the animal hospital and found out that he is on the precipice of life and death.  euthanasia was brought up but i couldn’t bring myself to that place without trying absolutely everything.  i’ve never understood why people spend so much money on their pets… but now i do.  i am willing to do ANYTHING to make this little creature better.

what he has.  a red blood cell parasite.  and that has caused a whole host of other issues…UTI, fatty deposits on his liver, fever, malnutrition, etc.  but he is NOT having multi-organ system failure.  if we heard the vet right, it is his blood that is the problem.  and when she said that his kidneys are still good, we knew we had to give it a shot.

i can’t believe how hard this is.  i’m not quite sure why i’m putting it out here in cyberspace.  i don’t need validation.  i don’t know what i need… other than that little kitty to get better.  i feel so bad.  so responsible.  so helpless.  we’ve cried (a lot).  we’ve prayed.  now we wait.  and we hope.

kitty crisis

it was a heck of a start to my monday morning.  our littlest kitty, dutch, still isn’t feeling well and he hadn’t eaten anything for two days.  i call the vet and they say they can get him in first thing.  as i’m sitting in the waiting room the dr. is in the lobby with another family and their large lab.  he is very dispassionately telling them that, “… oh, only hundreds not thousands.  but it is too late; he’s in heart failure already.”  i’m immediately water works.  their saga continues and it’s very hard for me to watch this whole thing happening in front of me.  the vet disappears to the back with the dog and the owner says good-bye.  right there.  it was terrible.

so then the vet finally calls me back and asks what the problem is (he had forgotten that he saw dutch a week ago for this same problem).  he pokes and prods while appearing to only half listen to me and then takes his temp.  the doc then says flatly, “hhhmph.  he’s still running a fever.  i guess i should check for feline lukemia.  just stay here, the test will take 5-6 minutes.”  holy momma!  i was a wreck for those 6 minutes!  in hindsight i should have known that the humane society would have never let us adopt dutch w/o checking for that.  but good grief… a little sensitivity please!  well the test was of course negative but he still doesn’t know what’s wrong with our little kitty-bear that has lots of green pooh.  he’s lost a significant amount of weight and the antibiotics he was on for a week clearly didn’t work.  so dutch received a new stronger antibiotic and a steroid shot.  if there are no signs of improvement by wednesday we’re supposed to go back.  but if he’s still not better, i’m going to a different vet.  i know bedside manner doesn’t have anything to do with your ability to practice medicine, but it sure makes me think you do.  we’re hoping this stuff works though…

he’s just got to get better…

****it is of note that the real crisis is of course in haiti and here are two places that can help.  here & here

1 week new

The new kitty has been with us 1 week today.  He’s been a real hoot and it’s only been within the last two days that he & Manchester have been able to “play” together.  I’m not quite sure that it’s actually “playing”, but at least there is no more hissing and spitting.  I did bust Dutch though taking a playful swipe at Manchester.  The big kitty just kind of laughs at him.  Dutch will not leave poor Manchester alone; he stays right on his tail.  Our old-man kitty doesn’t know what hit him.

busted dutch!

suspect kitties