summer reading

I guess summer is officially here starting this evening.  My list this year is a complete potpourri of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and prose.  I can’t believe how many books I can be reading simultaneously.  But the only one on that list I have not opened yet is The Buddha in the Attic.  (My sis just gave it to me two weekends ago.)  I did however manage to complete The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo over the weekend (finally — after a several month long hiatus half-way through).  I’m not so much into books with so much violence against women. I’m not sure that I will be reading books two and three (although I do have them now). Most all the others are books I’ve had partially read (for years in some cases!) and others that I’m going through a second time.  And a writing instructor I once had encouraged me to read at least one poem a night before going to sleep, and I’ve been taking her advice.  Not pictured here are three more library books just of poetry.  It’s an exercise I would highly recommend.  I’m so glad summer is finally here and maybe I’ll actually make a dent in this list by summer’s end.