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tv nuns


The hubs and I haven’t had cable for several years now — yep, we’re “one of those” couples.  But believe me, there is plenty of TV-watching still happening in our house.  Between Hulu and Netflix, we’ve always got something to watch.  (FYI — I do not think that Hulu+ offers anything different/better than their regular free streaming videos… AND they still have commercials!)  Well, we are the new demographic of viewers who like to “binge” on our shows — that is — we’ll watch nearly an entire season of episodes during a weekend (or two, or three).  There is a great article in the NYT about this very phenomenon and how Netflix has capitalized on it with their all new original series, House of Cards.  Over three weekends we fit in all 13 “chapters” and well, we’re hooked.  Kudos to Netflix for taking such a risk on a new idea and better yet, for making a quality show to boot.  I hope we can expect more of this in the future, (and it looks like we can.)

listen up

We’ve recently changed up our Sunday morning routine — and I like it.  The alarm goes off at 5:45 and the first thing I do after I manage to not fall crawl down the ladder is grab the radio remote and hit the power button as I stumble to the bathroom.  After catching news highlights, one of my favorite new shows begins.  It’s called On Being.  Krista Tippett is the host and she’s moderating discussions on topics that typically don’t lend themselves to civility and grace.   Per their website, “On Being is a spacious conversation — and an evolving media space — about the big questions at the center of human life, from the boldest new science of the human brain to the most ancient traditions of the human spirit.” It’s an hour-long program so we always miss the second half; but for the last 5 weeks I have gone home Sunday afternoon and downloaded the rest of the days discussion to continue to engage my own thoughts.  I’ve even downloaded the podcast so I can listen to it during my long Monday morning commute.   A show about meaningful things, delivered in a meaningful way… I’m in.

didn’t know what i was missing

My sister is a magazine junkie (who isn’t really?).  While staying at her place she convinced me to yield my aversion of fashion mags & consider reading Vanity Fair.  I genuinely thought VF was for people who recognized “Page 6” hoity-toities and label-lovers.  Well, wasn’t I chagrined when she passed the oh-so-handsome Johnny Depp into my lap.  Let me tell you, this magazine is not just for the fashion-conscience, it’s quite pedantic in it’s own right.  I also feel like VF is always quoted on the news, radio, etc., and now I know why.  I love how culturally expository this periodical is.  July’s issue offers one of the best perspectives I’ve heard of the Bernie Madoff scandal (much less the fabulous 6+page interview with Johnny Depp — who I now want to be best friends with).  And although I may have to wade through 20 pages of annoying adds before I can even find the table of contents, I think it’s worth it.  The content is just as provocative as its visual counterpart.  I already ordered my two-year subscription. (It was only $20!)

0907VFcover-240px Vanity Fair Anderson Cooper

Vanity Fair Kate Winslet Vanity Fair Carla Bruni

The Story

How much do I love NPR?! I love that each night at 8pm (when I’m usually driving home) I get to hear “The Story”. It’s probably my favorite program on NPR. I love hearing about people that I would have normally never even known existed. I love that it reminds me that we are all human and each unique individuals. One of my recent favorites is on Jan 31, 2008. It is about a recovering addict who is a peer counselor in San Francisco. I loved listening to his voice and how comfortable he seemed with himself. Check it out. (Don’t worry they’re not all that intense!)

the story