smitten in the mitten

I’ve been a little MIA from this space (and my other one).  I’ve been wrapping up a couple of time-consuming clients and making a quick trip back to Michigan.  We just returned home (late!) Sunday night (actually early Monday) from a 48 hour trip that felt like we squeezed in a months worth of  activity.  The main reason for our visit though — to meet our nephew.  And we are hopelessly smitten with the little guy.  We caught him at just the right baby stage: 10 weeks.  Old enough to not be too floppy, but not yet teething or squirming.  He was perfect.  I tried to keep my cool around mom & pop, but really this is all I wanted to do!!!

I won’t be posting any pics of the little dude in this space (or any other public forum) respecting the wishes of his parents.  It’s actually a decision I highly respect.  Some time ago I (and his dad) read an article on a child’s digital footprint that they have no control over and subsequently how disturbing that can be for someone.  (If I can find it, I’ll footnote it later.) So darling nephew, you will control your on-line fate once you are old enough (and your parents are ready).  But it’s tough because that little nugget is SO CUTE!  For now though, I’m just glad that we all have iPhones so that we can have our own private photo sharing with stream sharing.

I miss him already.

New Family

Threadless + World Vision = Ambrose

One of the great things about being back in Michigan was hanging out with one of my besties.  And one of the many great things she’s involved with is a fantastic organization called Ambrose.  Per their website: Ambrose is a collective of artists, designers, thinkers and makers dedicated to using our talent for good. We organize a free after school program for high school students focusing on creative problem solving, design and entrepreneurship. We make things to support the effort.

I was lucky enough to hang with the Ambrose crew for one of their workshops before we moved (that’s me on the right looking at my camera).  They do lots of other cool things too — like learning about graphic design, architecture, mixed media art, and screen-printing.  In fact it’s their 2nd-shift T-shirt makings that enable the program the continue to be free for any student who wants to participate.  And these are no knock-off Tees either.  One of the contributing designers is Drew Melton — the guy behind The Phraseology Project.  (*Funny note — as soon as I saw the shirt with Ambrose on it, I told the hubs that I thought I saw it on a typography website — The Phraseology Project.  Do I know my designers or what?!)

And if you like their beautifully designed Tee’s you can get one mailed to you every month (oh and you’re helping out with a pretty great cause too)!  It’s a great new project called The Maker’s Dozen.  (See aren’t they clever!)

Go here to learn how it works and then peruse their beautifully redesigned site and then wish that you had an after-school program like this when you were young!!!