late night

I didn’t feel like working out tonight; but I did.  Rather than running my usual route, I stuck to walking on the track tonight.  There’s something methodical about walking that oval over and over and over.  Sometimes on the straight-aways I even close my eyes.  It seems that it sometimes takes more effort for me to focus on walking hard than going out for a run.  It’s like it forces me to be present to the moment because if I mentally check out I’ll either start running or slow way down.  One of the things I enjoy about running is being able to mentally check out: headphones on, Pete in my ear, lost in the atmosphere — no thinking.  But when I get my power-walk on, it seems I have to really focus.  And tonight I turned the music down low and observed all the other folks enjoying the cool weather with me.  There was a father/daughter duo talking about a big decisions.  There were a couple of nurses debriefing their day.  There was the guy that provides individual coaching to all the middle school cheerleaders.  There was even a group of about 20 playing frisbee golf on the field.  Newly hung Christmas lights glowed in the distance reminding me of the season that is upon us. At the end of it all, I was glad I had set aside just 30 minutes to focus on one task at hand, being fully present.  And hey, it doesn’t hurt that it’ll help me keep my blood pressure low and in the range of “athlete” according to my doctor this morning (100/65 baby)!

i’d pin that…

Well I can’t help myself.  Do you use Pinterest?  It’s a place to catalog anything you can find on the internet.  And since I’m suffering from old-lady brain more than usual, I love having a space to keep all these wonderful things organized.  I’m not so much into the whole “following” thing.  But you can keep up with me and what’s catching my eye by clicking on that little red gizmo on the right that says: Pinterest.

it’s friday, i’m in love…

I’ve got the sounds of The Cure going through my head today.  And I love that I don’t have a single thing on the books for this weekend!

{image here}

I’ll share this serious eye candy with my husband b/c he’ll think it’s hilarious where as I think it’s just sort of funny…but nice to watch!

Our epic Scrabble games and new-found Bananagrams will never be the same.

I’ll peruse the latest set of photos and stories here.

I’ll enjoy this video again and again.

I’ll at least record this and then go sign his petition.

I’ll crack up looking at these.

It’s crazy how much I want this swimsuit.

Maybe we’ll find the perfect hotel here.

hello weekend!

i’m not quite sure what the weekend holds.  i like that.  i just hope it’s as carefree as feeling the wind in my hair.

you can see more beautiful red heads here (but none like my meg)!

go get some color therapy and inspiration here.

see amazing photos of the games.  seriously.  amazing.

leave a note for someone you love.

wishing i could rock a haircut like this.

i should update my netflix list with these.

wishing me, b, and the kitty could move in tomorrow!