sweet dreams

I love that I have vivid dreams.  I had another really weird dream last night.  It involved a variety of folks: friends from my past, present, and a few TV shows!  My sister’s childhood bedroom, where I was sleeping, had the window open and people were walking by like it was a drive through — on foot — to go into a movie theater.  It keeps getting more and more strange, but it doesn’t compare to some I’ve had in the past.  Some of those include it RAINING ANIMALS (alligators and hippos specifically) and another dream I remember from my adolescence was that I turned my sister into a snickers bar and then days later I was hungry and ate said bar only to realize it was her after the fact!  I recently dreamed I was pregnant and my water broke after having to mitigate a situation with two neighbor girls who had someone after them.  I used to have a reoccurring dream as a child too, but I can’t remember many details now.  I find dreams fascinating and particularly dream interpretation, but I haven’t found a consistent resource for it.  I tend to just google dream interpretation and go from there.  I really love the idea that my subconscious can communicate with my conscious mind; here’s hoping it reveals something good and interesting!

my side your side pillows

Love these pillow cases (for sale here) because this is definitely the rule in our bed!

the real *easy* button

I am a total visual person.  And because of this, I really don’t enjoy cruising on Craigslist because of the list-style layout.  I end up opening six thousand tabs and I’m really only interested in one or two things… if only I had been able to see the item before I clicked…  Enter Craigseasy —  the Easy Button for people like me.  It will change your boring old Craigslist page into a dreamy picture-heavy way to search for your future acquisitions.

It’s super easy to use.  At this website all you have to do is drag the easy button into your bookmarks (or toolbar for those of us who are a bit obsessive) and when you pull up the Craigslist page that you want, like say — furniture — then just click on your newly bookmarked easy button and watch the transformation!

(Just when I thought I couldn’t waste even more time on the internet!!)

{images from various craigslist posts}

happy heat wave

The 1st day of summer? Really?

You know you’re in Texas when it’s 86 degrees at 8 in the morning.  The weather this past winter was lovely…and even in the spring.  But the last 4 weeks have been consistently HOT.  The hubs thinks I’m obsessed with pools, but I ask, just what else are you supposed to do in 105 degree heat index?!

I would say I’m looking forward to heading to the beach this summer, but my favorite spot is no more.  All my childhood summer memories were wiped away in hurricane Rita and there are unfortunately no plans to rebuild.

Maybe I should consider one of these in the backyard?

pool party, vintage photo