babies on the brain

Ok, let me clarify.  Babies are not on my brain per se, but I’ve been surrounded by people having babies.  And lucky for me they’ve been girls.  It seems that just 3 years ago I knew 5 people that all gave birth to boys right around the same time; and now I know 2 new girls, I’ll meet one for the first time on Saturday, and two more in the coming months.  I’m glad because it’s given me an opportunity to make a few new crafts.  I have fallen in love with big, huge flowers on little baby girls; and they are so easy to make.  Once baby is big enough she &  Momma can share.  Wear them in their hair or on a jacket or belt or necklace or….

My most favorite model wearing this blue flower.

I’ve also cranked out some more diaper/burp cloths.

And although I’m not much of a baby person, I am really interested in seeing this documentary.  I enjoy watching movies/documentaries that can take a personal story and turn it into a universal experience despite our differences.  I don’t know if I’ll make it to the theater for this, but it’s for sure going on the Netflix list.

what your hair says about you

Hair is a big deal.  My own obsession with my hair has been broadcast from this very place several times.  And from the looks of it, a lot of other people think about hair a lot too.  This post will get on average 20 – 40 views per day; I’ve always found that so interesting.  It seems that women are always on a quest to update their do and that there is something powerful when we do.  CateGweneth and Natalie are not the only ones to experience liberation by removing most of their locks, women do it every day and I’m always astounded by the number of people directed here looking for “short hair”  & “short hair styles”.  And while is seems that having short hair makes a social statement of some sort (“I am woman hear me roar!” Or “I’m so low maintenance.” “I took control of my life by not conforming to traditional beauty standards” etc.), what I didn’t know was how big of a statement someone was making by wearing very long, thick, beautiful hair … that belongs to someone else.  Thus enter Chris Rock’s GOOD HAIR.

I watched this over the weekend and think I spent the majority of the movie with my mouth gaping open and the rest of the time laughing like a hyena.  Who knew that “the weave” had become such a symbol of cultural significance for so many women.  This fascinating and hilarious documentary let me peek into a world shrouded in secrecy… well maybe not completely a secret, but even the female interviewees admit that it’s not all that talked about.  There are a host of ethical questions raised and Chris candidly positions himself as just an inquisitive father of two young girls who will have to decide for themselves one day how they want to look and the lengths they are willing to go to get it.  He passes no judgment, but lets the facts speak for themselves and in the process enlightens us all about one of the beauty rituals of black women.  Netflix this movie and you will not be disappointed!

{Tyra did a show about “good hair” and here is a related NPR article too. }

small world

Ever wondered what it would be like to spend a day in the life of _________?  More than likely you will be able to fill in your blank with this documentary;  you will after all, have your choice of 8 billion different people.  Each person on this planet has a unique story, and it is the goal of 8BL to let us see each one.  With only 17 so far, they’ve got a way to go, but I’m rooting for them.  It’s a nice reminder that there are things bigger and beyond ourselves.   This ongoing documentary is for those of us with a healthy and insatiable curiosity of other bipeds…and maybe those of us who want to live vicariously, if only for a moment.


wonderland weekend

it was cold, overcast, and raining all weekend at the cottage.  so i stayed inside cozied up with a book and a magazine.  after finally finishing my august issue of vanity fair i decided to reread lewis carroll’s classic.  (incidentally it was written just down the road from here right on lake michigan.)  i can’t wait to see tim burton’s adaptation on the big screen.

alice in wonderland

So Long “Righteous Dude”

So sad that John Hughes has died.  But his legacy will live on as will his words to live by…


“Dear Mr. Vernon, we accept the fact that we had to sacrifice a whole Saturday in detention for whatever it was we did wrong. What we did was wrong, but we think you’re crazy to make us write an essay telling you who we think we are. You see us as you want to see us, in the simplest terms and the most convenient definitions. But what we found out is that each one of us is a brain…and an athlete…and a basket case…a princess…and a criminal. Does that answer your question? Sincerely yours, the Breakfast Club.” — Brian Johnson

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afternoon reading

so i just spent the last few hours crying my eyes out.  i just finished reading the time traveler’s wife.  seriously.  i even decided to ride a bike at the gym instead of my usual treadmill so that I could finish.  and don’t you know i looked like an idiot just peddling my little heart out while tears streamed down my face.  i’m excited to see the movie in august.  (i just hope they don’t botch up the story line as they did with my sister’s keeper.)

Time Traveler's Wife the_time_travelers_wife_movie_poster

*Post Script: Interesting note, the movie is PG-13…I must admit I was looking forward to seeing that Eric Bana bottom!

i *heart*…

…movies in the middle of the day (& on monday.)  it was rainy yesterday so we decided to go see a matinee.  we decided on UP and it was so delightful.  i even enjoyed seeing it in 3-d.  we really wanted to see away we go, but it’s not in theaters here yet…darn mid-west.  but soon enough i’m sure.

1952-UpMoviePoster Away-We-Go-Movie-

i survived…

…although I may have been mistaken for a vampire for the last 3 days.  Having spent such intimate time with the Cullen Family I seemed to pick up some of their habits.  I didn’t move much, ate less, and really didn’t sleep.  I guess I was anxious to get through them all.  It’s just how I read the Harry Potter series.  I guess it’s a good thing that I read each HP book as it was distributed rather than in one shot.  I certainly didn’t mean to isolate myself per se… This is one of the reasons I really don’t ever read fiction.  It’s like watching a movie for me and I hate being interrupted.  I think a better comparison made by my husband is that it was like watching a t.v. series on dvd.  You just don’t want to stop.  You know you can get the information you want immediately…if you’re willing to commit.

So…the story.  Hmm.  I’m not real sure where to begin.  My sis and I agree that the order we like the books is 1,4,3,2.  So making through the second one on Friday was annoying.  I’m just glad that she too had read them (this weekend) so that I could debrief all this madness in my head.  They are worth reading when you need an EASY read that flows and keeps you occupied.  Bring it on your next vacation to the beach.   But be forewarned…you’ll want to finish the series.  That darn, dreamy Edward Cullen gets in your head and …

twilight saga books