rock on

I’m so excited that tonight the hubs and I are going to don our most rockstar-chic outfits, and party with PINK!  Ok, maybe “with” is a stretch, but from our corporate box office suite, we’ll marvel at her madness.  Her tour will no doubt amaze and entertain.  Maybe this calls for a little crazy make-up: hot pink lips or yellow eyeshadow… or something, right!?


She looks amazing, no?! | Image

weekend scene

The weekend was long and full.  We attended a wonderful jazz festival, grilled outdoors, painted, ran (twice!), homework(ed), started a new book, researched, laughed, cried, smiled, prayed, shopped, and so much more!  We have some changes going on around these parts, and more will unfold over the next few months; for now, we are readjusting our sails and finding the horizon.  I seem to be bursting with some anxious feelings creative energy but I’m not sure of the medium to which it will manifest  — I guess that is part of the mystery.

In the words of Louis Armstrong, “what a wonderful world” indeed.

Jazz Weekend

just keep swimming

I’m trying to find peace in the midst of crazies at work; it is 5 weeks until tax day so folks are beginning to lose their minds (and manners!)  I’ve been keeping my sanity by listening to one of my favorite bands Great Lake Swimmers.  And I can’t wait to hear their new album due out at the beginning of next month (just in time to carry me through the home stretch that is the first two weeks of April!)

(Listen to more of their music here.)