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brooklyn wedding

Well since I’m in the business of sharing good news, I thought I would finally share some of the Brooklyn wedding we attended just two weeks ago (really, ‘cuz it’s feeling more like a year ago!).  We had a wonderful rehersal lunch at Lodge.  Brad was pumped that he could order breakfast at 3 in the afternoon and I was glad they had an ice cream brownie!  Seriously though, the food was delicious and the place was full of panache.  The wedding itself was at a very unique venue called reBar.  There was a bridal suite with plenty of room to chill before the ceremony; the food was delish, and it quickly converted into a great dance space.  All three are important priorities.

Right after the ceremony we walked a few blocks to snap some photos under the Manhattan Bridge and then onto a little park with the best view of Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge.  You might not know it from the photos but we were FREEZING.  It was a beautiful, sunny 48 degrees!!! But yeowzer, my little dress did NOT provide any warmth…. but I sure like it.  That little pink number is a dress that B picked out for me all by himself whilst traveling across Europe last summer!  He’s the best…

Brooklyn Wedding

the best bargain in brooklyn


Well one of the best travel decisions I’ve ever made was to take a risk on seemingly unorthodox accommodations and, well, it paid off big time!  We stayed at the wonderfully curious 3B Bed and Breakfast | The Downtown Brooklyn Bed and Breakfast.  Succinctly put: location, charm, & price.

The staff was genuinely warm and hospitable, allowing us to drop our bags for a very early (11am) check-in.  Although our cab driver questioned the address because it is a primarily commercial street, I knew I was in the right place when one of the owners answered the door in his socks.

The 3rd floor walk-up was a wonderful home away from home while we were busy coming and going (i.e. changing clothes) for all wedding festivities.  I really did feel like I was staying in someone’s home.  This is not five-star luxury, but rather the thoughtful curation of a few clever late 20/early 30 somethings to meet the needs of the world-weary gadabout.  (Including the most delicious locally sourced chocolates for your room.)

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3B Bedroom Queen



One of my besties is getting married in a few short weeks and I finally pulled the trigger on tickets.  (Thanks JetBlue.)  Lucky for us she has chosen Brooklyn for her wedding destination.  Needless to say, we are pumped for our trip to hipster heaven.  Now, anyone know of any cheap hotels?!

Brooklyn Moey Hoque

Beautiful photo by Moey Hoque

P.S. I have scoured air bnb and all I have to say is that folks have LOST THEIR MINDS if they think that $100 bucks a night is a reasonable rate to sleep on their sofa/extra bed in a junky untidy, cluttered apartment.  Staging 101 people… look into it!