the rising sun

I was insanely busy (& productive) this weekend.  I seriously can’t believe just how much I got done.  But all of it seems to pale in comparison to the crisis in Japan.  I really can’t believe the devastation and amazing pictures constantly on the news.  I wish I was able to lend a physical hand, home, or help.  It seems the only thing I can do is donate to any number of organizations.  Good has a nice round-up of opportunities, including purchasing this thoughtful poster (created by Max Erdenberger).  You can purchase one here and 100% of proceeds go towards aiding Japan.



new life

I can’t seem to get enough of the miracle happening right now in Chile.  I watched as they hoisted the first miner to safety last night and have been glued to the live coverage this morning.  Watching each man’s resurrection from the depths of the earth I find new tears.  The power of this story is beyond words…



I’m a lover of all things efficient, interesting and data oriented.  Charts, graphs, color-coordinated answers…my heart soars a little.  It’s no surprise then that I am a huge fan of factories (and subsequently the show How It’s Made).  One of my favorite birthday ‘treats’ was #28 when a friend took me on a private tour of his family’s ice cream factory (I know… a factory and ice cream!)

According to some stupid personality/work assessment thing I once took, I’m labeled a researcher.  So it comes as no surprise then that I am drawn to projects that take tons of data and turn it into something visually stimulating.

Enter Forbes interactive map of where Americans are moving. Being recently relocated myself I find this sort of information interesting.  Apparently we were following a trend of moving south.  Our decision wasn’t so much for economic opportunity, but because of family.

Click on the map and then click any little county.  I was particularly blown away comparing northern cities (i.e. Detroit) to places like Austin.  Holy booming city.

{thank you swiss miss!}