epistolary goodness

i still love to get hand-written love in the mail.  I have such great memories of writing letters to summer camp flames, friends living abroad, and even my Aunt.  For those like me, I found a website just for us.   We can get free downloads to encourage good old-fashioned letter writing.  I still have a few folks I like to share letters with.  I love choosing the right paper and the beauty of good penmanship.  (Much less, decorating the outside of the envelope and choosing the right seal.)  But, most of the time mine looks like chicken scratch, but I’m still in love with the idea behind it.  It’s also one of my favorite parts of being a sponsor at Women for Women.  You write letters to one another and get to share a bit of your personality on paper all the while funding an education to improve their lives.  What’s not to love?