old books of art

I’m fascinated by the work of Russian artist Ekaterina Panikanova.  Such a mix of nostalgia, ephemera, whimsey (and maybe a little sadness??).  I think it would be quite something to see in person.  Kudos indeed Ms. Panikanova.

Artist Ekaterina Panikanova

Her work reminded me of an installation I saw in Fredricksburg, Texas while we were traveling around last month…  I’m not sure who the artist was for this particular piece, but it was interesting enough that I snapped a photo of it with my phone.  But instead of old books, this artist used clipboards with pages from old books.  It’s certainly a little more DIY-ish, but still visually interesting and a similar medium used.

Red in Fred Art

modern art DIY

Once the dust settles around here (mid-June) we are going to do a major overhaul of our little space.  And one of the first things we’re going to do is re-do our art situation.  We’ve got many ideas brewing and we were both tickled at the idea below.  I’ve had the George Washington painting (on the left) on my computer for as long as I can remember and then last week or so I came across the Oliver Jeffers painting (on the right).  A mini-trend about to bloom? I can see the DIY-ers taking this one to the bank.  And I might just have to join in…that is, if I can find just the right painting to edit.


sitting pretty

As of late, I have found myself drawn to portraits — photography yes, but more so paintings.  I would love to have a portrait of the hubs commissioned one day  (or maybe even attempt to do one myself!).  What I find very inspiring is when two mediums compliment one another.  That said, I have been completely adoring these thoughtful pairings by Miss Moss.  Clever, (and insightful) girl!  I could parse these for hours!