Paper Crafts

the seven week project

While the hubs was away for 7 weeks I kept myself busy with a little photo project.  I tried to take a photo-a-day and then actually print it.  It’s funny how the vast majority of my photos never see paper.  But I decided this would be the occasion and since the ink in my pen has been running a bit dry, maybe a visual journal would be a little more intuitive.  I used a baseball card holder for the photos and each shot is 2 1/2 by 3 1/2.  I also included a date page and then a poem; it’s actually a seven stanza poem by Wendell Berry (The Country of Marriage).  (I thought it was appropriate for the project at hand.)  And although I have yet to fill those last three slots — I’m thinking I will actually type up my thoughts on the project and our time apart — I’m happy with the way it turned out.  I could see doing this for our next adventure — near or far.

travel journal

I love hanging onto travel ephemera.  But very rarely do I actually put it anywhere but in a box.  However, I stumbled across this lovely travel journal by Victoria and I am completely inspired for my next trip.  (And now I can’t wait to see the hubs’ upon his return.) See all of her lovely pages here.

all photos (and more) by Victoria

paper people

I’m so glad to finally have my crafts back.  I was simply drooling over my beloved paper stash, but alas all crafts will need to wait until other things are done.  (My sister on the other hand kept reminding me what a crazy person I am for having so many storage bins of crafty materials! — Seriously though, it could be a problem!)

I just love it when people get crafty with paper products.  Upon seeing the work of Peter Clark, I was instantly inspired and wishing I was clever enough to “re-fashion” a map and make stuff like him.  Check it out:



One of the many weekend activities was harnessing my inner child and playing wither watercolors.  I was at my public library last week and got the urge to check out a book on birds.  This made me want to paint them.  I am not a painter.  Did I say that clearly enough… I – Am – Not – A – Painter.  I may pretend from time to time, but I’m as much a painter as I am a writer.  However, that said, I had an itch I wanted to scratch and so I did.

I found it strangely therapeutic to put color to paper.  I’m surprised by how much more I enjoy using watercolors versus acrylic or oil.  It’s more intuitive for some reason.  Who knows.  But maybe I’m not completely hating these little guys and I’ll get creative and put them to good use in my neglected sketchbook.

Watercolor Bunting Bird

busy week, busy weekend

This week went by so fast.  And I’ve got a busy weekend planned.  I’ll be doing some serious spring cleaning among other things.  Wonder if I should put on a dress, fix my hair and wear lipstick to make me have a good attitude about it???

{image via, via}

Lent is underway and it’s going to be a long 40 days without this.

I’m completely fascinated with this article for so many reasons.

I finally finished this Valentine and the recipient should have it by now.

I’ve been making lots of these.

I’ll be volunteering here this weekend.

paper pieces

I’m itching to do something creative with paper.  But I had to leave my stash in Michigan because space is limited here…and I would have needed an entire u-haul for all my crafts.  But in the mean time I can dream of all sorts of paper goodness and just maybe start a small stash here in texas (but just don’t tell my husband!!)

I would LOVE to make a mini like this right now! 

Maybe I could start with something small, like these tags

It will have to be next year until I can make the loveliest paper ornaments like the ones here:

working girl

I always love getting personal stuff done on company time.  Well, since I am just temping for a couple of weeks I don’t feel too bad.  (My supervisor did give me a stack of magazines to read if things got slow…so I mean, come on!)  One of the many things I accomplished today was addressing my Christmas cards.  I finally ordered a few photo cards, but I couldn’t afford the zillion that I needed and Target was having a sale last week (the one box store I can’t seem to boycott!).  As I examined the chicken scratch resembling an addressed envelop, it made me wish that I had an ounce of the talent of Betsy Dunlap — calligrapher extraordinaire.  Check out some of her work here.  And she also has a very lovely blog here.

a clean page

This weekend I took a break and quickly put together a new mini.  I was recently asked about my other mini… the daily 2009.  I stopped making pages in June.  It started to feel like more of an obligation rather than a joy.  I was also becoming busier and then when we put our house on the market, I couldn’t keep my crafts out in the open.  (I keep them in rubbermaid bins under the bed.)  I also started feeling weird about posting things that were so personal.  All of that combined… I decided to stop that book where it was.  I can’t say that I’ve done much with paper since.  My summer was so busy and dragging out the boxes wasn’t too appealing.

But alas, on Sunday, creativity came calling and I thought it would be worth the effort.  I think the whole idea of a “mini-book” will work for me if it’s already pre-made, or almost done… just add words, photos and a date stamp.  I am also too much of a type A personality to not love having more of a uniform look.  I like each page being the same size and a similar color scheme or theme.  (I know… all kinds of crazy!)

So I created this one on Sunday as a gift…but it will be hard to part with it.  Here are just a few pages:

mini book cover DSC_0728

pink paper blue paper

yellow and blue pink and gold